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Advantages and Benefits of Wall Coverings – PRI Graphics Thanks to modern printing technology and decorative wall covering options, gone are the days of bland and sterile offices and retail spaces. Most of our PRI Graphics customers recognize the aesthetic appeal of wall coverings. However, few are aware of all of the other advantages and benefits of using decorative vinyl wall

Wallpaper Vs Paint Wallpaper or Paint - Brewster Home Fashions Are you wondering whether to decorate with wallpaper or paint? Read here for advantages and disadvantages of both right here!

Types of Wallcoverings - Wallcoverings Association (WA) Wallpaper products today offer not only a wide variety of patterns, but also a variety of protective coatings. BASIC WALLPAPER CATEGORIES. The most popular types of wallpaper you will find at your local wallpaper retailer or home improvement store are: Vinyl Coated Paper - this wallpaper has a paper substrate on which

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