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White Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets - Pre-Cut and Cut-to-Size Order white plexiglass sheets available in a variety of thickness pre-cut size options online, or contact us to order cut-to-size white acrylic sheets.

Amazon.com: White Cast Acrylic Sheet 16" x 16" x 0.118" (1/8 Amazon.com: White Cast Acrylic Sheet 16" x 16" x 0.118" (1/8") Thick (Opaque Non-Transparent) + 0.000 or - 0.177 tolerance in width and length. Approximate length and width is 15.850" x 15.850": Industrial & Scientific.

48 in. x 96 in. x .118 in. White Acrylic Sheet-CA3015WHT - The Acrylic sheet colors are a great material to customize any room in the home. They're suitable for kitchen and bath backsplashes, bath and shower wall panels, colored wall hangings, privacy partitions, custom lighting shades, lighting diffusers, hobby and craft projects and more. Used by the professional and DIY'er alike to

Amazon.com: 24" x 48" - 1/8" White Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet Amazon.com: 24" x 48" - 1/8" White Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet, Translucent 55% (2447) + FREE CUT TO SIZE: Industrial & Scientific.

Plexiglass White & Black acrylic sheets - ePlastics Please note: light transmission of white plexiglass sheets (also known as white acrylic plate) change with thickness. Therefore 1/8" 2447 lighting white will transmit more light than 3/16" 2447. Basically the thicker the white, the less the light transmitted. This is true with all white and translucent color sheets. There may be

Cut-to-Size White Acrylic Sheet - Cast ACME Plastics, Inc. Choose from the options above to order custom cut-to-size White Cast Acrylic Sheets. ACME has a broad selection of stock sizes available. This option allows you to select just the size and dimensions you need without the need to purchase and store excess materials. After dimensions are selected an updated price per

Translucent and Opaque Colored Cast Acrylic (Chemcast) : TAP Opaque white and black are opaque; all other colors are translucent. For Transparent Acrylic Colors, click here. Need more information on colored acrylic sheets? Click here. Understanding opaque. Choosing white acrylic. For Working with Acrylite Acrylic Sheet data sheet, click here. For Acrylite Acrylic Sheet chemical

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