removing flower pot stains from deck

Concrete Stain Removal: How to Remove 15 Common Outdoor Stains Potted Plant Stains. How to remove potted plant stains. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. They're so pretty, but moving potted plants around often leaves behind a stain from water getting trapped beneath the pot. These can be tough to remove so we offer you options ranging from simple to severe. Using water and dish

How to Remove Water Spots From Cement Caused by Flower Pots When flower pots sit outside on concrete patios, walkways or entryways, when you move the pots, you may be left with a stain. If the stain was just water, it will fade as the water dries. But flower pot stains often contain dirt, salts, rust or fertilizer residues. Get rid of these stains to restore your concrete to its pristine finish to

Cleaning Up After Potted Plants (Tips.Net) Dec 26, 2016 An oldie but goodie, vinegar and baking soda can be a great home remedy for many stains that are found in and around the house. After all, if this will work on cleaning your drains a simple potted-plant stain isn't going to be anything in comparison. Simply allow the paste to sit on the stain for five to ten

Prevent Water Damage to Your Deck by Putting Pot Risers Under Oct 12, 2015 Potted plants are a great way to bring color to your deck or porch, but without proper drainage, the water from them can rot your deck surface. Elevate your plants with pot risers so the deck surface can properly dry out. Traditional pot saucers trap water underneath them, and don't let air get under the plant to

How to Clean Your Deck or Patio - Clean My Space But if you have a grimy deck or patio that relaxation goes right out the window. This includes the barbecue, table and chairs, flower pots, etc. If not, or you aren't sure what they are made of, shake them well to remove loose dirt of debris, and then spot-treat dirty areas or stains with clear dish soap and warm water in a

How to Stop Plant Containers from Staining Decks Jul 22, 2013 However, these drainage holes may ruin the area beneath the planters by causing stains or other damage. Nesting the pot in a saucer doesn't always help, because the saucer can also leave a mark. To help prevent harm to our decks, patios and porches use pot feet, in addition to a small dish, under the

How to Protect Decks From Planters Home Guides SF Gate Allowing air circulation underneath planters and pots lets moisture dry before the deck wood suffers damage. This also gives some protection against stains from red clay pots. Planter feet, usually rubber, stick to the bottom of pots and planters or their drip pans and add an inch or less for circulation. Laying two or three rows

How to Remove Water Spots From Cement Caused by Flower Pots When water leaks or drips out from the bottom of flower pots, minerals from the water leave behind spots and stains on the concrete. If any fertilizers are in the water, they can also stain the concrete. In most cases, a mildly acidic cleaner combined with some scrubbing can remove these stains without etching concrete.

A Trick for Removing Water from Saucers of Heavy Pots Apr 29, 2014 I planted a shrub into a pot on top of a saucer and now I've found it's too heavy for me to lift up to drain the water from the saucer. Is it okay to just leave the water there to evaporate? Answer: Growing plants in containers is a great way to maintain a larger variety of plants regardless of available in-ground

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