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Care & Maintenance for ipe decking and exotic hardwood - East Teak Deck Cleaning and Maintenance; Consumer Expectations; Care for All Wood Floors. Periodic cleaning with simple soap and water and a stiff brush will keep your deck looking new. Pressure washers are not recommended. Using a pressure washer can have a sand blasting effect and tear wood fibers, causing a course and

Iron Wood Decking Timber Decking Decking - Evorich Iron wood decking has it disadvantages and advantages. Home owners hence have to understand and accept its natural properties.

Brazilian Hardwood Decking: Cleaning and Refinishing Hardwood Jul 14, 2010 Ipe' decking, cumaru, jatoba, massaranduba, garapa and tigerwood hardwood decking is the most beautiful decking in the world. To maintain the color and pronounced grain patterns, you must finish the deck periodically with a good oil-based deck finish made especially for hardwoods. Finishes that are

Iron Woods Ipe Decking - Ipe Hardwood Decking Products Alternatively, one can choose to maintain the wood's natural rich brown color by cleaning and refinishing as required; not unlike polishing your favorite piece of furniture. Unlike composite decking, Iron Woods? Ipe Decking can always be restored to its original appearance because the wood's natural beauty runs through

Renovating your ipe hardwood deck - Hardydeck How to clean, prepare and renovate your deck in the appropriate way without damaging your deck. Each and every spring you spend days to try to renovate and restore the beauty of your hardwood deck. Finally when all your efforts If you look for little maintenance, just have your ipe deck become grayish. It depends on

IPE Deck Maintenance - YouTube Feb 21, 2013 The Handyguys talk about Brian's IPE deck. We covered his deck soon after it was built but this video covers IPE maintenance and how it looks about 1.5 years

Ipe Deck Finish: 5 Things not to Do : TopCoatReview Jun 6, 2011 Prefinishing ipe, in our considerable experience in prefinishing ipe, has been the biggest factor (along with MAINTENANCE) in extending the life cycle of the finish applied. The less the wood moves (yes, its ipe, but ALL wood moves, especially in 6″ widths, laying horizontal in deck-like exposures), the

The Solutions for Wood Cleaning Product Information - Wood Iron Wood Iron Maintenance Cleaner. Is your deck new or just need a maintenance coat? You need the Maintenance Cleaner. The Maintenance Cleaner will clean and open up new wood so that the first finish can penetrate into the wood. If the wood is already finished and the finish is intact, the finish doesn't need

Deck Maintenance| Premium Decking| Learn how to properly care for premium hardwood decking with Learn more today!

Ipe Deck Maintenance - Keeping your Ipe Deck looking new In this episode of The Handyguys podcast The Handyguys discuss Ipe Deck Maintenance, how to clean it and keep it looking awesome. Ipe Deck Maintenance Brian's Ipe deck looked great when it was complete. The wood was still in perfect condition, no checking, no splits or splinters, it was just a bit dingy. After a bit of

Decking is Not a Finished Product - J Gibson McIlvain Nov 21, 2017 Using something as simple as a hand held belt sander or random orbital sander will knock down those raised sections; while it is reducing the thickness of the board in that one space, it is not noticeable across the whole deck. Here again, decking is not a finished product, and like hardwood flooring,

Ipe Decking Finishes Professional Deck Builder Finishes and Apr 14, 2015 Even though my painting company is located in Vermont, we finish, refinish, and maintain a surprising variety of tropical hardwood decking, such as garapa gold, meranti, cambara, and even good old mahogany. They're all dense, but none are as dense or as durable as my favorite species, ipe; it's so

Annual IPE deck Maintenance - Using Oil to rejuvenate IPE - YouTube Jun 18, 2015 We explain how to maintain an IPE deck so that it keeps its rich color. We have discussed IPE deck maintenance before but wanted to provide an update on Bria

Deck Maintenance on an Old Ipe Deck - YouTube May 20, 2013 Hear from one satisfied homeowner about how fast and easy it is to maintain a wood deck made of Ipe. See how Ipe looks and performs over many years under the

Ipe Decking Maintenance: 5 Fundamentals This will greatly influence both the decking beauty and longevity. Such exterior exotic hardwood decks as Ipe, Mahogany and Meranti have been created by the Nature to serve the highest value to any place. So, do not test the 'Ironwood' and its extreme durability, just thank it with regular Ipe decking maintenance!

Ipe Decking Installation, care and maintenance information Wood used in applications such as cabinetry, furniture and trim could be dried even lower. Elements to consider when using kiln dried wood outside is the moisture content of the wood and if the wood susceptible to moisture gain. Kiln dried pressure treated Pine decking is gaining popularity as a much stable alternative to

Ipe Decking Maintenance - Use of a cleaning and brightening two-part system, such as Messmer's Part A – Cleaner and Part B – Brightener, or Woodrich's EFC-38 Wood Deck and Siding Cleaner/Stripper and Citralic Wood Deck and Siding Restorer. These 2-part products will return silver/gray ipe wood to its near-original color. Solid color stains (if

How to take care of Ipe wood decking. A DIY guide. ? Dad's Feb 25, 2013 Ipe lumber is a beautiful option for those of you who are looking for a flawlessly grained wood without knots. Ipe is a heirloom grade material, extremely dense, and is known as an exotic when it comes to types of lumber. Once you make the investment in Ipe, maintenance, like with any material that will be

deck maintenance deck specialists inc There is no such thing as a maintenance free deck. Every deck surface, whether Ipe, treated wood or tim composites will feel the effects of the outdoors. Mold and mildew, dirt, grease, tree droppings, leaves, sun and rain are all tough on your deck. When it comes to deck maintenance, every case is different. Crucial factors

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