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Wood: a Material for the Future? CNRS News Aug 8, 2016 It seems industrial actors swear solely by concrete or the latest composite materials. Yet a billion years ago, nature invented a revolutionary material with striking properties: wood. It can not only be used to construct buildings, but also high-precision mechanical parts or new generation polymers. But to do

Wood Products Sector Update Bulgaria - USDA GAIN reports quality raw materials to meet the consumption of furniture makers, especially those targeting export markets. As a result were 13% more vs. 2015. Mila Boshnakova. Russ Nicely. Wood Products. Wood Products Sector Update. Sofia. Bulgaria. BU1703. 1/31/2017. Public. Voluntary . of timber harvesting in the future.

Solid wood furniture - Elegance Mebel Bulgaria : Production The main objective in establishing "Elegance Mebel" is the quality as strategy for future development.Our realization is due to the human factor, advanced modern machinery and technology. With our new production facilities put into operation in April 2013,with the best team in our area,with machines and installations of the

Grown in Bulgaria - Paladim Handmade Mar 16, 2016 Grown in the deep forests of Bulgaria, this exceptional type of wood, makes for one of the best handmade wooden furniture in the world. When you buy from Our organization is big supporter of preserving the forests and using wood material in sustainable and eco-friendly way. As a company that is highly

Wooden houses manufactured in Bulgaria - mybulgaria covering the UK market with a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of pre-fabricated wooden framed housing. These ready to assemble houses are mounted on reinforced concrete foundations, fully insulated for heat and sound and are able to be completely relocated at a future date if required. Only quality materials are used

Struggle to protect Bulgarian forests goes on - Life - БНР Dec 23, 2015 “The forest is not just a source of raw material for the industry and forests do not have just economic importance. At the same time economic interest towards the Bulgarian forests grows. Every year half a million cubic meters of wood more are harvested from Bulgarian forests. This comes at the expense of

Unasylva - No. 145 - Lesser-known tropical wood species - Forest Forest management in Bulgaria. Ivan Grouev. Ivan Grouev is Bulgaria's First Deputy Minister of Forests and Forest Industry. Forestry became known in Bulgaria in 1880, when the first forest nurseries were opened, but it did not reach a comparatively large scale until 1905. Today there are 700 forest nurseries in the country,

Bulgaria - material resource efficiency - European Environment More from less — material resource efficiency in Europe. 2015 overview of policies, instruments and targets in 32 countries. May 2016. Bulgaria were also invited to share reflections on the future direction of resource . Wood should also be considered as a separate material resource addressed by policies, namely the.

Wood: renewable construction material of the future? Environment Jan 4, 2018 When you think "sustainability," building with wood isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But a deeper look at the growing trend begs the question: Could wood be a key sustainable resource of our future?

production - Emos Bulgaria - Furniture manufacturing from wood The manufacturing process starts with the delivery of the the raw material – timber, boards or other components. The variety of wood we use includes oak, beech, ash, spruce, pine, linden and poplar. After cutting the logs on a horizontal band saw and making them into board materials, they are taken to the drying chambers

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