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How to build a DIY decking cover Permaculture magazine Sep 21, 2011 Learn how to build a cover for your decking so you can enjoy your garden or outdoor space, whatever the weather! By Spring I visualized a way to install a roof over the deck without touching the roof of the house. Build the deck roof above Life in a small house requires multiple uses for all the space.

How expensive is it to construct a roof over a deck from scratch Porch decks require 25 additional psf for roof loads for a total of 80 psf. As a result most decks Many porches use 22"+ diameter corner and intermediate footings. Gable end porches If the posts supporting the roofs are placed directly on the deck structure below, there are a few considerations to make. The posts should

Instructions on how to build a deck roof Outdoor living Pinterest Instructions on how to build a deck roof sky lift attached to the roof . covered deck designs pictures - covered deck pictures - covered deck ideas on a budget - roof over deck pictures - how to build a covered deck roof - deck roof .. How to build a DIY covered patio using lattice and wood to create a little shade from the sun.

Patio Cover Plans - Build Your Patio Cover or Deck Cover Wood construction - western red cedar; Shingles to match the existing residence; Outside beam height to have a minimum of 6' 8" clearance; Roofing nails should not show through the bottom of the roof decking; Use 4 x 8 x 5/8" T 111 4" O.C. plywood roof decking (for a plank-like visual appearance); 6x6 posts; 4x6 beam

How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A Re: How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A Mobile Home. Do NOT attach this roof to the mobile home. Recent tests in a wind tunnel show that this practice is the reason high winds usually tear off the roofs of mobile homes. Use posts next to the home and attach the roof joists to them, much the same

How to Build a Roof Over a Deck Decking, Spring and Porch Decks are for enjoying the outdoors, entertaining friends and family, and escaping everyday life for a few hours at a time. Unfortunately, bad weather can put a.

How to Build a Gable Roof Over a Deck Hunker May 18, 2009 Building a gable roof over your existing deck will make it more comfortable, providing shade and shelter from the rain. sheathing on the trusses for roof decking. Use roofing tacks to attach roofing felt to the sheathing, making sure to overlap it 3-4 inches at the edges. Install drip edge. Shingle the roof. How To Build A Roof Over A Deck Typical decks are designed to support 55 PSF (lbs per square foot). Porch decks require 25 additional PSF for roof loads for a total of 80 PSF. As a result, most decks have inadequate footings to support a new porch roof. The footings for porch decks must be larger than deck footings. Many porches use 22"+ diameter corner

How to Support a Roof Over a Deck Hunker Nov 20, 2011 Many decks, however, are open-air, with no roof or covering to protect against rain or sun, which You have two basic options when adding a shed roof over a deck, but check local building regulations before starting any project. Use instructions on a framing square and a circular saw to make rafters.

How to Build Your Own Covered Deck Dengarden Sep 23, 2017 4X4 posts were to be used at all four "corners" (the rear corners of the deck were under the garage soffit and were moved out and nailed to the edge of the soffit) but what kind of 4X4? Everything in the store was chewed to pieces and would hardly make a good surface for little hands to spin around as kids

Building a Patio Deck Cover - YouTube Apr 21, 2015 Shouldn't this be named thinking of building a patio deck cover? I didn't like the idea of having the weight of plywood overhead on something I built, so I'm using 1x4 purlins to screw the metal roof to, and it's cheaper to use 1x4s. I wish I could just use an umbrella, but I have a concrete porch, and it bakes.

Building a roof over an existing deck - I want to put a roof over the deck (roof only, no side walls). What is the best way to support the roof; (1) extend the 6" posts on up (if so,how do I connect and extend the posts), or (2) completely saw off the posts even with the floor and use new 8' posts for the supports? Also, I believe I need to put a double 2 x 6 beam front to

want an estimate for a permanent roof over my large deck. Wonder I wonder if I could put a partial permanent roof over about 16' x 14' so that I could still have a grill on the deck. Cost varies by materials used and locale and so forth, but as a VERY rough ballpark for a normal sloping shingled roof, assuming there is headroom as the front of the deck for that, probably

Building a Roof Over a Deck or Patio - HomeTips Aug 17, 2017 To install a masonry anchor, use a drill with a masonry-bit attachment to make a hole large enough for a 1/2-inch expanding anchor bolt. After inserting the bolt, secure the post anchor by adding a washer and nut and tightening with a wrench. Cut the end of the post square, sit it in the base, predrill holes in

Building a Porch Roof Porch Roof Framing Building a porch roof or screened in porch roof over an existing deck or patio can be fairly straight forward or very complex depending on the type of roof you choose. We show you how If you have a unit rise of 4 or more you can use almost any type of roof covering (asphalt shingles, tile, slate, cedar shakes, etc.) However

How To Put Roof Over Existing Deck - Decks & Fencing - Contractor Talk Can anyone advise me on a preferred way to put a roof load over an existing deck? I don't know To convert the deck to a porch I need to load the roof onto the deck's cantilever (code problem). . Personally I use trusses for roof covers we do because they span bigger distances than conventional builds.

Installing a Roof Over Your Deck - Mr. Handyman Jul 9, 2012 Choose your two favorite roofing types, and then ask your handyman to provide estimates for each, whether as part of the overall deck building estimate or as a separate job later. You also can use one of several roofing cost calculators available online, but at the end of the day, you need to know how much Building a shed roof over a deck If you are tying the roof directly to a house wall you can install a ledger board with flashing and install rafter ties to attach the rafters at the appropriate angles or use engineered trusses. The opposite side of the porch roof will be supported by a header beam that is installed parallel to the house on top of 6x6 support posts.

Create Rafters for a Patio Roof how-tos DIY The experts show how to start with the rafters when adding a roof to your patio or deck. If necessary, use a sliding bevel to determine angles needed where the rafters will meet the ledger board. Rafters are placed This is crucial because this building line will be very noticeable when viewed from below.

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