can i use floor vinyl as roof

What flooring features are good for rooftop patios? - Greatmats Wet areas can be slippery, and standing water can encourage mosquito growth and damage furniture. Here's a rundown of some of the choices in flooring specifically designed for use on roofs, patios and balconies. Rubber Rooftop Patio Flooring Rubber is one option. Lighter weight than concrete, rubber is durable but

10 Uses for Vinyl Tiles This Old House Not Just for Underfoot. peel and stick vinyl floor tiles. View as slideshow vinyl tile used as roof on birdhouse. View as slideshow. Photo by Wendell T. Webber. To create a rainproof covering, use a utility knife to cut tiles into small rectangles, and layer the "shingle" courses. For long-term adhesion, dot the back of each

2018 Sheet Vinyl Calculator Vinyl Sheet Flooring Calculator Sep 27, 2017 The first step in determining how much sheet vinyl flooring you need is to get an estimate on the size of the room where the flooring will be installed. To do this, you will need a tape measure or the floor-plans of your home. If you are using a tape measure, measure the length of the room and multiply it by the

How to Install Vinyl Flooring in a Sheet — The Family Handyman In some cases, vinyl can be glued directly to old vinyl, ceramic tile and wood floors, but special fillers and glue-down procedures are needed. Check with the . Don't use nails or screws to install the underlayment; any filler you use to cover the heads could pop out and cause a bump under the new vinyl floor. Smoothing the

How to Install Vinyl Flooring Without Using Adhesive - Facebook Most vinyl flooring requires adhesive between the subfloor and the vinyl flooring, but a new vinyl flooring material from Congoleum, called AirStep Evolution, can be installed with or without adhesive. This is because it is thicker and stiffer than standard vinyl flooring, which allows installation using only double stick tape

Vinyl Roofing Systems: Questions Answered - Green Building That is why the reflectance, emittance and/or solar reflectance index criteria for LEED, ENERGY STAR, Green Globes, and California's Title 24 can all be met through the use of a refl ective vinyl roof. Further, while all products have environmental impacts resulting from manufacturing and shipping, vinyl's long service life is

Rubber Roofing Membranes - Do's and Don'ts of Flooring - Greatmats Debris, such as tree branches or rocks, can tear up roofing membranes. Certain types of patio flooring can also puncture or damage roofing membranes. Furthermore, roofing membrane is also susceptible to damage from furniture, foot traffic and high heels. Take informed precautions in order to protect your roof from leaks

Eurox Vinyl Flooring#05 - YouTube Feb 16, 2017 EUROX Vinyl Flooring : Versatile Flooring For Every Place; even Ceiling perfect.

Live Boldly: Put the Floor on the Ceiling - Houzz Dec 29, 2011 Living boldy in your design choices isn't always about bright colors and crazy artwork. You can live boldy by simply using materials in an unexpected way. A trend of late has been to put wood flooring on the ceiling — a throwback to blue Victorian porch roofs. Wood tongue-and-groove or beadboard,

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