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Green Materials - DWA Trade Show & Exposition Services FalconBoard? Hexacomb Rigid Graphic Board A green alternative to foam-based display boards. Hexacomb? Falconboard is the only graphic display board made from reusable, renewable and 100% recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material. Its printing capabilities equal that of foam boards, including use of wide format

A Green alternative to foam board KDM - KDM POP Solutions Group Jun 25, 2010 Traditional foam boards (foamed styrene core with clay paper coating) have been an economical, short-term display choice with a decent appearance for many years. However, the short comings have been overlooked: this display board cannot be recycled. Enviro-Green Board is a solution. It is designed

10 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Styrofoam DOYOUYOGA With Styrofoam on its way out, these green alternatives to Styrofoam packaging deliver excellent costs, functionality, and sustainability. plant-growing properties of your standard packaging materials? I mean, who isn't, right? Seeds embedded in this fiber board can turn your next mail delivery into a cute window garden.

Green Graphics - EXHIBITOR magazine Showcard is a decent, biodegradable alternative to Foamcore, which doesn't biodegrade for hundreds of years and is resistant to photolysis. While it costs twice as much as Foamcore, it's water soluble and 100 percent biodegradable and/or recycl- able, and it meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standards for Land

Green Alternatives to Foam in Upholstery Home Guides SF Gate Since the 1950s, many upholstery foams used as cushion-filling material have been made from polyurethane, a man-made material, thanks to its lightweight, spongy consistency when in foam form. Polyurethane is flammable, so it's also treated with flame retardants that often contain hazardous chemicals. Green upholstery

3 More Environmentally Friendly Alternatives To Foam Core One excellent alternative to foam core insulation is cellulose. Cellulose insulation is made mostly from recycled materials, unlike foam core insulation which requires non-renewable resources to construct. In addition to this great advantage that helps protect the environment, cellulose insulation has many advantages to help

Eco-Friendly Printing Alternatives - Color Reflections Printing : Environmentally Friendly Rigid Materials: Bio Insite (Substitute for Foam Core). paper-faced foamboard with biodegradable foam center and SFI certified paper liners. requires 1 to 5 years for 100% breakdown in landfil. There is no trade-off between the positive environmental attributes and its physical performance.

stanfordpd / foamcore alternatives Greener foam-core alternatives. Can finish edges for use as furniture or display boards: The off-the-shelf edge solution is not green but it's a simple peel and stick.'s According to Celmac the Eco Panel is 100 per cent recyclable and made from 40 per cent recycled paper and cardboard materials.".

Green alternatives to styrofoam insulation - Ecofriend Green alternatives to styrofoam insulation. Styrofoam is basically extruded polystyrene foam. The material was first discovered by researchers at the Dow Chemical Company, in the year 1941. Styrofoam as an insulator is quite common nowadays. The material is resistive to heat and moisture, and also buoyant. The R-value

Yes, Virginia, There IS an Environmental Alternative to Foam Board Jun 8, 2010 Want an environmental alternative for direct mail marketing? No sweat. Pick your green. 100% PCW. Environmental certifications. Paper that sprouts seeds when planted. Want an environmental alternative to foam core? Not such an easy proposition. That's why it's exciting to see real investments from

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