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How to Waterproof Wood - 3 Ways - Bob Vila Fortunately, you can easily avail yourself of products that protect wood while enhancing its natural beauty. When choosing the best method for how to waterproof wood, keep in mind that not all waterproofing products are the same—some are better suited for interior or exterior items, while others are geared towards dark- or

Air Sealing and Insulating a Crawl Space - YouTube Apr 2, 2012 For 20 years since the home was built, an 8" x 16" crawl space door was allowing unconditioned outdoor air to enter the home and cause cold drafts, cold . I know there are systems that will, in effect, provide a "barrier" to termite access, but even with those, periodic inspections of the wood in the house is

Selecting The Right Wood Finish The Craftsman Blog Nov 25, 2013 Wood Finishes You could fill a library with the different ways of finishing wood. There are oils and lacquers, urethanes and stains, sealers and varnishes. Some are Below is a list of the most typical types of wood finish used in old houses and some professional tips on how to work with each properly.

Sealing a Crawlspace - Green Building Advisor irt crawlspaces are never-ending sources of moisture. Even if the dirt's surface is dry, digging down a little bit reveals moist earth. Moisture ruins houses by providing a hospitable envi- ronment for the fungi, mold and insects that destroy wood framing. Moisture in a crawl- space affects not only the floor system direct- ly above

How to Choose Caulking for Sealing Cracks on Your Home Danny Lipford: Don't underestimate what a significant impact you can make by simply sealing up all of the gaps and cracks. Allen Lyle: You know, if you were to take all of those gaps and cracks and combine them, on the average house, you'd have a hole about one square yard. Yeah, three feet by three feet. That's why it

Interior Staining and Sealing Basics - Lowe's If you're refinishing furniture, you're almost certainly going to be using stain to achieve the color you desire and to reduce the contrasts between different wood varieties which may have been used in the construction of the furniture. There are several different types of stains and dyes which may be used to color wood.

Wood Siding Care and Maintenance Caring For Wood Siding on Stain penetrates wood fibers and helps seal them against moisture; it's also resistant to the cracking and chipping that affects paint. Because stain is a penetrating sealer—not a coating, like paint—it's difficult to change the color of previously stained wood. Staining a house is less labor-intensive than painting because prep

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