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Meranti Properties - OHC Seraya & Nemesu Specs - Learn the properties of Meranti wood and discover why millwork shops, boatbuilders, and woodworkers love to use this exotic species for their projects. Common Names: Lauan, Tangile, Obar suluk, Saya, Meranti ketuko, Alan Botanical Name: Shorea kunstleri (Dipterocarpaceae family) Origin: Malaysia Appearance: Red

What You Need to Know About Ipe and Red Balau Wood Decking Feb 11, 2015 Red Balau wood, also known as Kayu Batu or Mahogany is a popular type of decking wood used by most architects, builders and homeowners. This type of wood usually comes from Philippines, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. It is one of the high quality products carried by the LivBuilding

Meranti Wood: A Durable Lumber for Boats, Doors & More - OHC is a leading supplier of Meranti lumber to the millwork, doors, windows, and boat building markets. Originating from Malaysia, Meranti is a member of the Dipterocarpaceae family. View our Meranti properties page to see specifications, how Meranti compares to other species, and how it resists insect attacks.

Hardwood Decking - Lakeside Lumber The Northwest's Premier Any natural decking product is subject to variations in color and grain as each board of even the same species is unique. Consequently these photos are designed to afford the viewer a basic understanding of sometimes very subtle differences between the hardwood products available at Lakeside Lumber. Hardwood

About company Thermory Thermory AS is an Estonian specialist manufacturer of thermally modified solid wood flooring, decking, cladding and sauna products. The main species used is ash due to the exceptional properties the wood forms after thermal modification. Pine, pecan, hickory and birch are also used. Established in 1997, Thermory has

Mahogany – Dark Red Meranti - Kayu International Sep 29, 2014 Moreover, this species is reported to have poor steam-bending properties. Some species would have a slight blunting effect over tools due to smaller levels of silica that are present in the wood. The decking could be finished well using glues and stains. How to Achieve Great Results with Dark Red Meranti?

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