repairing railing road ties patents

US3863329A - Method of making precast railroad tie and tie plate One method embodiment provides for using conventional rail tie plates together with weldattached rail spikes having the heads depending from and United States Patent 1191 Bartlett METHOD OF MAKING PRECAST RAILROAD TIE AND TIE PLATE [76] Inventor: Jamie S. Bartlett, 6927 Green Hill Pl., Tampa, Fla.

Railroad Products and Services Brochure PDF - Koppers Feb 1, 2013 KSA concrete ties. KSA ties mean reduced track maintenance, improved track surface, increased rail life and reduced locomotive fuel cost. Advanced patented borate tie treatment. Koppers Dual-Treated ties employ both borates and Koppers Creosote Petroleum Solution. Utilizing the. Tru-Core? treatment

US7850090B2 - Spikeless tie plate fasteners, pre-plated railroad Railroad tie plates secured collectively by spikeless fasteners to a tie with railroad spikes securing the rails to the ties and related methodology are disclosed used, discarded and damaged wooden railroad ties by creating and removing the damaged portion and replacing it by a like undamaged portion using male/female

Fishplate - Wikipedia In rail terminology, a fishplate, splice bar or joint bar is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a track. The name is derived from fish, a wooden bar with a curved profile used to strengthen a ship's mast. The top and bottom edges are tapered inwards so the device wedges itself between the

US4316578A - Direct fixation rail fastener utilizing - Google Patents Direct fixation rail fasteners have been employed extensively in recent years in place of tie-on ballast arrangements for affixing transit rails to rigid support structures. One known rail fastening system employs a rail plate shaped to accommodate the rail and a pad of elastomer sandwiched between the rail plate and the

US20040113133A1 - Abrasion assembly for supporting railroad ties An assembly for supporting a railroad rail on a tie includes an abrasion plate arranged to be positioned on a tie, and a pad disposed on the abrasion plate and adapted to receive the View patent family cases One problem is that, after excessive use, the concrete tie under the assembly gets worn and has to be repaired.

Life Cycle Assessment of Creosote-Treated Wooden Railroad Apr 11, 2013 Comparisons of the products are made at a functional unit of 1.61 kilometers (1.0 mile) of rail- road track per year. This LCA finds that the manufacture, use, and disposition of creosote-treated wooden railroad crossties offers lower fossil fuel and water use and lesser environmental impacts than competing

Aurora? 3-D Railroad Tie Inspection - Georgetown Rail Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, Aurora? scans your tracks to reveal the exact condition of every tie and every component along the way. It pinpoints any potential problems and marks their exact location so you can plan ahead to repair them in the most efficient way possible. Aurora finds flaws manual detection

Restoring and recycling railroad ties - Google Patents Mass transportation by rail is becoming increasingly recognized as a viable and cost effective means of transportation, particularly in a day of rising fuel costs. However, there are significant problems attendant to rail transportation, particularly those associated with the costs of maintenance and repair. The wooden ties upon

US6336265B1 - Composite railroad cross tie and method of When repairing a rail section to replace cross ties which have deteriorated, it is often the practice to replace all of the cross ties along the entire rail section, regardless of whether or not even the majority of the hardwood cross ties may have deteriorated to such an extent as to be in need of replacement. Chemically treated

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