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12 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Flooring - FlooringInc Blog Dec 7, 2017 1.1 Cork Flooring; 1.2 Bamboo Flooring; 1.3 Reclaimed Wood; 1.4 Recycled Porcelain & Ceramic Tile; 1.5 Recycled Glass Tile; 1.6 Recycled Metal Tile; 1.7 Linoleum Flooring; 1.8 Recycled Carpet Recycled porcelain and ceramic tiles are very versatile, but most options are not suitable for outdoor use.

Eco-Friendly Flooring - Advantage Lumber Benefits of recycled flooring made of strips of reclaimed lumber is ideal for green interior design. Eco-friendly flooring option from Staybull Flooring ? .

Eco-Friendly Flooring - Rubber-Cal A core principle of Rubber-Cal's philosophy is its commitment to providing eco-friendly flooring products. Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Slip Runners and Mats .. In addition to protecting your footing, our sustainable flooring products also safeguard your existing floors like wood and tile from the damage that can be caused by high

Eco-Friendly wood flooring The Home Depot Community Jun 11, 2011 Our company and partner in eco-friendly wood flooring, Home Legend, can give you a distinct and yet green style to your home. It's derived from the fastest growing Any further questions please do not hesitate to ask and even post your thoughts on going green in or outside your home! Have a great day,.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Green America Carpeting is also notorious for trapping toxic lawn chemicals, VOCs, and allergens tracked in from outside. There are You can now choose from a rapidly growing line of carpets and flooring made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. FSC-certified wood flooring comes in hundreds of different shades and styles.

Top 10 choices for eco-friendly flooring for your home - Sustaining Oct 26, 2017 Indoor pollution can be two to five times greater than outdoor pollution, chiefly because of chemicals and pollutants in the home. Some of them can come from Ecologically conscious homeowners should always check to see the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label on wood flooring. The FSC certifies

Earth-Friendly Flooring This Old House Unlike homeowners of a few decades ago, who had fewer options when it came to saving trees, today's environmentally conscious remodelers don't have to sacrifice the look, feel, and durability of wood underfoot. In fact, sustainable flooring comes in all the popular species: white and red oak, cherry, maple, red birch,

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