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Landscaping with Railroad Ties HGTV Learn about projects that use landscaping with railroad ties from the experts at HGTV. As the railways expanded across our country, trees were cut for ties and ties were used and replaced in order to maintain the safety of the rails. Now, ties are Ties treated with creosote are not recommended for residential settings.

How much does a railroad tie weigh? Is it standard? - Quora All that being said, unless they have a MINIMUM weight per tie (and therefore a minimum density) they can't have a standard weight per tie, because ties are cut from wood, which does not maintain the same weight per volume standard, even among the same species. They'll be CLOSE, but never exact. All that being said,

FAQ about New Domestic Hardwood and Tropical Hardwood Tropical hardwoods are impenetrable to water and insects and do not need to be creosote treated. A high bending strength for heavy loading is also important. Wood ties can absorb some bending under heavy loads; concrete ties cannot. When a tie has both high density and bending strength, it is top quality. Rail Road

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