landscape fabric vs plastic under deck

drain - Did I do the right thing putting small stones under my Jul 12, 2014 Many people put stone, or some other kind of ground cover under their decks because it prevents weeds and grass from growing. If you want to keep the stone there, I would recommend removing the plastic tarp from underneath it and replacing it with landscaping fabric. The fabric will allow water to drain

Wrong idea: Small stones under deck? (Lawn & Garden Landscaping I put some 1" gravels under my deck with plastic underneath it. My original idea was to make sure no water build up around my foundation wall at the back of the house. I now felt I might worried too much and did the wrong thing. More detail is here with photo:

Landscape Fabric Vs. Plastic Home Guides SF Gate Black plastic is the end all when it comes to weed suppression, but its ability to smother plants can also be a severe disadvantage. Little can survive under a properly installed layer of black plastic due to its ability to limit both photosynthesis and gas exchange. Landscape fabric is less effective at weed control when used

Why Should You Put Gravel Under a Deck? Home Guides SF Gate Weed Control. Leaving the area below your deck uncovered can allow weeds and other plants to sprout, eventually pushing up between the deck boards. Gravel installed over a layer of fabric or plastic sheeting helps keep weeds in check and prevents the plastic or fabric from blowing out of place. This type of installation

Is Mulch or Gravel Best to Put Under a Stairs or Deck? Hunker Aug 17, 2011 When you're building an outdoor structure such as a deck or stairs, you need to consider how to make sure weeds don't grow under the new structure. One way to do this is to lay down landscape fabric and cover it with mulch or gravel. Moisture in the area that you're planning to cover, as well as the

The Pros and Cons of using Weed Control Fabric (Landscape Fabric Jan 11, 2017 The products I use - This video is the Pros and Cons of using weed control fabric. It was clear that the soil underneath would never be improved by the natural breakdown that makes the topsoil. I make tree liner tall pots and pack them into plastic crates to keep them straight?.

Ground Cover Under the Deck - DecksGo Jul 26, 2009 But I would recommend that you lay down a sheet of landscaping fabric under the deck, properly overlapped. Then place the stones over top. This will reduce or entirely prevent weeds and errant strands of grass from taking root and should be as maintenance free as possible. The lower the deck is to the

Professional Tips for Using Landscape Fabric Right ? North Coast Oct 9, 2010 Plastic sheets and non-woven landscape cloth don't allow your plants to get the water and nutrients they need to thrive as they grow. You also want to purchase a .. I'm considering using landscape fabric under a new 9′ x 17′ deck at the rear of my home. Would this be a good idea? If so, what grade

Landscape fabric isn't just for weed control Irrigation and Green One of the major uses of landscape fabric is to help control weeds in planting beds, under decks and beneath patios and paths. Fabrics work to block weed growth by shutting out light while allowing air and moisture in. For many years, plastic sheeting was used for the job of weed control. While plastic is very effective at

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