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Pool Decks - Bob Vila Creating a slip-resistant, concrete pool-deck surface can be achieved by texturing the surface or applying a slip-resistant coating. Any finish the deck. Increte Systems out of Odessa, FL, offers two spray-on textured-concrete products that are applied to an existing concrete slab to dress it up and provide non-slip qualities.

How to Fix Slippery Swimming Pool Decks - Slip Resistant Solutions Nov 23, 2015 Non slip for slippery slimming pool decks Anti skid treatments for ceramic tile, travertine tile, porcelain tile, or any other material around your pool.

Patio & Deck Non-Slip Coating Paint for Cement and Concrete Surface Patio and deck paint will improve the safety of your deck with its non-slip coating. At the same time, our patio paint will enhance the appearance of your deck area while providing the wood or concrete with protection against wear caused by the elements and regular usage. Whether your pool deck is old or brand-new, you

What Is the Best Pool Deck Coating? Hunker Nov 10, 2011 A variety of pool deck coatings are available to give your deck a high-quality appearance, and they work to protect your deck against water damage and rough patches that could hurt bare feet. There are even anti-slip coatings available. The best pool deck coatings last a long time, so you do not need to

Concrete Coatings Paints Safe Floors of AZ - Anti-Slip Flooring is a durable non-slip high traction coating that provides a textured decorative finish for concrete and masonry surfaces such as pool decks, patios, porches, ramps and walkways. Our premium acrylic formula hides surface imperfections while providing a tough finish that resists damage from moisture, salt, oil, gas and

Paint Options for Pool Decks - What to use? - Bottom Paint Store Oct 9, 2014 For a non skid pool deck area, Pro-Tex texture additive can be added to the Supreme Acrylic Urethane. Use it to improve slip resistance or simply to add decorative texture to any finish. Stays suspended better than aggregates, resulting in a more even finish and improves safety. Paints are available with

SEAL-KRETE? FLOOR-TX Textured Pool Deck Paint SEAL-KRETE? FLOOR-TEX? Textured Concrete Coating is a durable non-slip coating that provides a textured decorative finish for concrete and masonry surfaces such as pool decks, patios, porches, ramps and walkways. Paintable and tintable, this premium acrylic formula hides surface imperfections while providing a

What Is the Best Pool Deck Coating? - Elite Crete Systems Aug 12, 2014 The pool deck coating must provide an anti-slip surface to bare feet and sandals when the surface is frequently wet. It serves as a protective finish coat for the concrete below and should extend a pool deck's longevity. Most pool deck coatings are exposed to chemicals from the pool water itself. The ideal

Tuff Coat Worlds #1 Rubberized Non-Skid TUFFCoat Deck & Surface Non-Skid Coating. First choice in Surface Coatings. Eco-Friendly Splash Pads; Pool Decks; Pool Interiors; Locker Rooms; Kitchen/Food Prep; Amusement Rides. waterparks_0002_Layer 15. waterparks_0009_Layer 7. waterparks_0001_Layer 19. waterparks_0003_Layer 13.

Pool Deck Coatings ? Epoxy Coatings ? 1-800-BUSY-DOG? Our pool deck coatings and finishes are both attractive and functional. They can provide you with the texture needed to prevent slip and fall accidents common with wetter surfaces. These anti-slip surfaces can be installed on either existing or or brand new decks. Installing the deck coating is effective, regardless of what the

1 Gal. Anti-Slip Acrylic Latex Interior/Exterior Floor and Concrete Paint Use this Sure Step Anti-Slip Acrylic Latex Interior or Exterior Floor and Concrete Paint on tennis courts, patios, walkways, steps, ramps, pool and decks.

Installing Anti-Slip Decorative Concrete Pool Decks - Sundek Apr 11, 2015 The obvious solution for making decorative concrete pool decks anti-slip is to add grit to it. Common To install a decorative pool deck that is truly anti-slip, you need to think outside of the box. Anti slip surfaces are usually gritty, so a natural looking and gritty surface to consider is a Limestone coating.

Swimming Pool Paint Non Slip Additive Non-slip additive, when added to pool paint, or broadcast over a freshly painted pool or pool deck, will help prevent slips on pool stairs, decks and slippery pool areas.

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