gypsum roof deck repla wood composite panels

Gypsum Roof Deck Replacement Procedures - The gypsum roof deck system is supported by bulb tees generally spaced from 24” to 32” on center. Formboards placed between the bulb tees contain the fast-setting, poured gypsum roof deck. Special galvanized wire mesh, draped over the bulb tees, distribute vertical loads to the bulb tee system and resist diaphragm

TECTUM Structural Acoustical Roof Deck Solutions Brochure Faster and easier to install – compatible with many roofing materials. Class A fire rating. Proven economical roof decking solution for over 65 years. TECTUM?. Structural Acoustical. Roof Deck. 4. 7. 10. 11. 14. 19. TECTUM? I. ROOF DECK PANELS. TECTUM? COMPOSITE. ROOF DECK PANELS. CODE COMPLIANCE.

Roof decks A to Z Part 4: Poured Gypsum - RCI, Inc. referred to as gypsum concrete. Such mate rial was used in floor assemblies in wood- framed construction and possibly else where; it will probably contain sand as well as Portland cement. Meanwhile, the term. “poured gypsum” will be reserved in this article to describe roof decks exclusive ly. Strength and physical proper.

Low Slope Membrane Roofing - Finance and Administration Cabinet Jun 22, 2013 Description: Tectum Wood fiber deck panels, poured gypsum concrete decks and pre- cast gypsum panel . there is deterioration of the existing wood planks then replacement with like kind lumber is required. . Composite Board roof insulation is composed of 2 layers of different types of insulation that are

ATLAS ROOFING PRODUCT GUIDE However, the codes exempt foam plastic insulation when used in roof deck . 2.0" and thicker ACFoam?-IV with 1/2" min. wood fiber mopped overlay board .. Gypsum Board. ACFoam? Composite/PB. Perlite Board. LTTR-VALUE. THICKNESS. RSI**. PCS/PKG. METAL DECK FLUTE SPANABILITY in mm in mm. 7.4. 1.5.

roof decks - Insulfoam of wood nailers or curbs at roof penetrations, openings and building perimeters. Nailers provide both protection for the edges of insulation and a substrate for terminating roof mem- branes, base flashings and metals (gravel stops and edging). Nailers must be securely fastened to the roof deck or build- ing structure. An uplift

Cementitious Wood Fiber – Western Fireproofing Tectum is an acoustical wood fiber product composed of aspen wood fibers bonded with an inorganic hydraulic cement. The panels are When used as a structural roof panel, they provide a finished ceiling and excellent Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC). The roof panels Tectum Roof Deck Tile Tectum-I-System-photo.

Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures - International Code Council Special purpose wood shingle or wood shake roofing shall conform with the grading and ap- plication requirements of Section 1508.8 or 1508.9. In addi- tion, an underlayment of 0.625-inch (15.9 mm) Type X water-resistant gypsum backing board or gypsum sheathing shall be placed under minimum nominal 0.5-inch-thick

It All Starts with the Roof Deck - Buildings (FIG 5) At one time in the past, it was common practice to remove deteriorated gypsum decking and to replace it with metal decking and rigid roof insulation. . Cementitious wood fiber structural roof deck systems; Engineered mineral board/steel deck system; Gypsum concrete; Composite decks of lightweight insulating

When Is It Safe To Re-Cover a Roof? If the deck is steel, wood, wood fiber or gypsum, the moisture can cause potential life safety problems due to rusting through a steel deck or rotting of wood or wood fiber. Gypsum decks will turn into powder when constantly exposed to moisture. Composite decks of gypsum mechanically fastened to steel are especially

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