can you put plywood over existing deck

Deck Requirements for Existing Deck Boards - GAF May 27, 2011 layer of underlayment. If the spacing is greater than 1/4” (6 mm) install a layer of 3/8” (9 mm) minimum thickness, C-D Exposure 1 APA Rated, plywood or OSB over the wood planking. What Are The. Requirements For An. Existing Deck? When roofing over an existing deck, the following requirements must

Roof Installation Guide: How To Replace Shingles And Roofing Feb 5, 2018 One such dangerous way is to shingle over an existing roof, instead of tearing it off. Another, is to forgo repairing old plywood or sheathing before doing the install. Some contractors, who desperately want your business, may lure you in with promises of “big savings”, if you agree to go for one or both of

Plywood Roof Sheathing Don't put new roof sheathing over old Aug 26, 2001 Although I don't think installing new plywood roof sheathing over the old would be a grave mistake, I would not recommend doing it, for several reasons. The new plywood will have to be nailed to the rafters or roof trusses. But, with the old plywood left in place, it will be considerably more difficult to locate

Roofing: Why do we need plywood over our old solid sheathing Jun 2, 2017 Learn more at /roofing-why-do-we-need-plywood-over-our-old-solid-sheathing/ We are often asked, why do we need plywood over our old so

Reroofing Over Asphalt Shingles - HomeAdvisor Pro Here in central New York, asphalt, cardboard, and wood all have to be tossed into different containers, and in some cases hauled to different transfer stations. If the job is done correctly, with the new layer of shingles laid flat over the existing shingles, the old roof cushions the new one and serves as a secondary barrier

Should You Lay Plywood Over Plank Sub Floor? - Wood and Beyond Sep 1, 2014 If you've got a plank sub floor and are looking to install a new wooden floor, then you're highly to be debating the pros and cons of laying your new floor directly on the old plank sub floor, or introducing a layer of ply. As any regular reader of this blog will know, if you're laying a new wood floor over an old

Do I need to put ply over shiplap before installing - This Old House Apr 23, 2016 I am replacing my composite roof with a new composite roof shingle because we have had so much traffic related to various chimney repair and maintenance, accessory vent installs and modifications, etc that it is showing signs of definite wear and I don't want to wait for the leaks to start. So, recently I was

Econodek Vinyl Decking FAQs for Vinyl Membrane Decking You can also visit our page entitled Tips On Building Your Deck. Can I install Econodek vinyl over a previously coated or painted plywood deck surface? No – We do not recommend installing over an existing deck coating due to unknown chemical incompatibilities between the old coating and the new Econodek? vinyl

code compliance - Can you skin over an existing roof deck that is You could put the OSB overtop but by the time, you clean that surface up (pull nails, etc) and adhere the new surfaces together, you might as well strip it. You're also for a few places. I'm also a fan of tearing off, but unless the plywood is rotten (in the falling apart sense), I would probably just skin over it.

Can I install an EPDM rubber roof over an existing roof? PlanItDIY You cannot install an EPDM rubber roof directly over asphalt, tar, shingles or felt paper. Install on 5/8? plywood or OSB. You can install it over existing.

Installing New Deck Boards Over a Solid, Existing - Extreme How To Sep 26, 2016 I started pulling off deck boards hoping to find a solid structure underneath. Several observations had raised these hopes. During earlier repairs I had noted that the deck framing was pressure-treated 4×6, that old fasteners were holding well and that new fasteners were going into solid wood. We were

Rebuild An Old Deck With New Decking And Railings Family If your deck is framed with cedar or redwood, it's best to start over and reframe it with treated wood. Neither wood will last nearly as long as your And we've teamed up prefinished aluminum spindles with a “Uniball” anchoring system for a rail system that's foolproof to install and maintenance free as well. Hidden fasteners

Decking/Sheathing Case Study - Donan - Forensic Engineering Oct 1, 2014 The result can be unsightly buckling . . . .” Atop one page of the document is this tip: Be sure to determine what type of decking or sheathing is in place when you're inspecting older homes prior to making a cost estimate. If you discover wide wood board decking that needs to be cut or covered over to avoid

Tips From a Deck Remodeler Professional Deck Builder Nov 1, 2008 It's a remodel; the deck is already there. Tear off the old, install new decking and railings — no questions, minimal problems, and quick installation. There are some things to watch out for, however. Wood on porches can be over 100 years old, and nine out of ten decks my company has worked on weren't

How to Install New Sheathing Over Old Spaced Sheathing for Re Jul 14, 2016 Click on this link for more information about roofing repairs, home building and remodeling. This video will provide you with a few ideas and methods I used in the past for installing new roof sheathing like plywood or oriented strand board over spaced one by six

Plywood Over Solid Wood Sheathing: Do You Need It? - Wilmington Whenever your roof was first installed, the nails were put into the solid wood. Lumber wasn't kiln dried, so it would shrink upon drying. With shrinkage of 5-10 percent, gaps of another a half-inch begin appearing all over your roof. How do you know if your home has board sheathing? Well, here is one way to figure it out.

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