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Landscape Edging: 7 Ideas + Tips to Enhance Your Garden Metal edging is becoming increasingly popular as it looks fantastic in succulent gardens, in between gravel and planted areas and in front of contemporary homes. Unlike bender board, metal edging can stay in a crisp straight line with no problems. The sheen it adds lends a more modern look to a garden as well. The type

BENDER BOARD – Landscape Edging and Concrete Forming These products are especially attractive to concrete finishers for detailing work and forming sidewalks and patios, commercial landscapers, residential landscapers and municipalities both for concrete forming and edging gardens that require landscape edging. Bender Board landscape edging also lends itself to the marine

WOODFLEX PLUS bender board is a remarkable alternative to WOODFLEX PLUS bender board is superior to other lawn edging products because of its durability and multiple uses. It looks like redwood, but performs like plastic. WOODFLEX PLUS bender board can be bent and curved to fit all your landscaping needs. The Best Garden Bed Edging Tips: The Family Handyman

Types of Edging for Your Yard at The Home Depot With the use of decorative edging, it is easier than ever to create solid boundaries between your lawn and garden or driveway. This guide will Wood edging comes in precut sections of alternating heights, either as round logs or flat boards. Bender board is milled from redwood or made from composite materials, about

How to Install Bender Board Home Guides SF Gate Bender board, which is also known under a variety of brand names, is a synthetic landscaping material designed to resemble wood. This makes it a favored material for landscaping and gardening borders. Bender board is fairly easy to install, and does not require maintenance, staining or repainting like wood.

Lanscape and Garden Edging - Bender board BenderBoard landscape edging is truly a landscaper/gardeners' dream. With its superb flexibility and rigidity it makes garden edging a breeze even for the novice. With BenderBoard landscape edging you are able to create beautiful landscapes and gardens in a fraction of the time that it used to take. The wonderful thing

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