polished floorboards in bathroom

Hardwood Flooring for Bathrooms: What to Consider - The Spruce Nov 3, 2017 In the case of a heavily used bathroom, humidity can result in floorboards twisting, warping, plumping and cracking. Mold and mildew: Because the bathroom is so moist, the growth of mold and mildew is always going to be a problem. These harmful organic substances love hot, wet environments, and they

Is Wood Flooring in the Bathroom a Good Idea? - coswick.com May 3, 2013 Q.: We are renovating our home, and my wife wants to put hardwood floors in all the bathrooms, to match the hardwood we're installing throughout the rest of the house. I have my doubts. Is wood flooring in the bathroom a good idea? A.: Hardwood is a better bathroom flooring choice than, say, carpet, but it

Yes or No - Timber floors in bathrooms? > Blog of Sterling Interiors Mar 11, 2015 There's nothing we love better than bucking a design trend, so our ears pricked up at recent rumblings of laying timber flooring in bathrooms. Yep – let's do away with the boring white porcelain tiles and say hello to a wonderfully warm, organic look that you can achieve with the right approach. Traditionally

Hardwood floor in the bathroom? - woodfloor flooring Ask MetaFilter Experiences with hardwood floors in the bathroom? I have decided I want to install hardwood flooring in my bathroom. If you have ever lived with wooden bathroom floors, please let me know if there is anything I should be aware of. I am about to remodel my bathroom and I want to try wood on the floor.

Wood Flooring For Bathrooms - Wood and Beyond Blog Sep 5, 2011 If you're considering wood flooring for your bathrooms, you'll be aware that the big problem with wood flooring in bathrooms is humidity. If it wasn't for humidity, installing wood flooring in your bathrooms would be no problem at all. That said, if you make the right choices and take the right precautions, wood

Timber floor in bathroom - Renovate Forums Folks, our 100 yo Queeslander's bathrooms have ironbark floorboards in great condition. I'd like to polish them but not sure about Qld regulations for waterproofing in bathrooms. I won't want to tile, except for a small splashback behind timber vanity unit. Question: does anyone know the requirements for

11 Distinctive Finishes for Original Floorboards - Houzz Jun 22, 2015 Take a look at the following floorboards for ideas and inspiration. In this bathroom, the chestnut floor looks stunning next to the white fixtures. Nicely polished. Let the light reflect by going for some serious shine. A high-gloss polyurethane varnish can help bounce light around a room, can be easier to

polished boards in bathroom BUILD hi we have relocated an old house which currently has polished floor board in bathroom laundry we want to keep the floors, the rooms need complete below your floorboards have been soaking up water for any length of time - and also a chance that the timber boards under your existing shower, bath or vanity may be

Timber in bathrooms Floorboards mafi Common belief is that timber flooring needs to be waterproofed or coated extremely well to be used in wet rooms or bathrooms. This is where the problem often lies. Water gets trapped underneath a plastic or superficial coating, keeping a high moisture content in it, that then negatively affects the timber – what this plastic

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