how to pitch a tent on a platform

Tent Tips – Big Agnes Support Every loop and clip and centimeter of fabric has been agonized over and tweaked to make your tent the best it can be. Taking advantage of all the features of your tent can elevate your great shelter into a phenomenal back country home. Using Your Guy Lines. It is crucial to utilize your guy lines every time you pitch your tent

How To Attach Guy Lines To Tent Platforms (HD) - YouTube Jun 17, 2015 Recently I found myself in an area that required the use of established tent platforms. While these are an excellent tool to minimize the impact our presence will have on the area they can be difficult to attach guy lines to. In this video I show two no knot methods to attach guy lines to the platform. One using

Tent platform - Wikipedia A tent platform is a floor for the purpose of pitching one or more tents upon. Typically, it is a wooden deck near a hiking trail that provides the hikers a clean and even place to sleep. It may also prevent the campers from trampling down the surrounding vegetation. Many campsites have tent platforms. Mountaineers

Pitching a tent on a wooden platform Camping Pinterest Pitch This Pin was discovered by Robyn Simon. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Tassie tent platforms - May 25, 2010 When platforms are actually built, lots of thought & creativity goes into the construction, it is quite hard to cater for every type of tent & pitching method but generally the thought is that persons bushwalking in the Tas hills will have some degree of practical aptitude, except on the OT!! The above platform is not

Megamid for Snow Camping - Sierrasoul Because we're usually in a hurry and only staying for one night at a time, we opt to pitch the tent directly onto the flat platform that we've stomped out. If you have some time or you're staying for a few days, a great way to take advantage of the Megamid's absent floor is to dig out a pit beneath the tent. If you want to go for this

Tent Pads And Tent Camping ? Campetent A tent pad eliminates the effort of finding a good spot on a campsite for pitching a tent. Tent campers can just put up the tent, choose which direction it will face and stake it down. For those readers new to tent camping, a tent pad is a designated and maintained area on some campsites for putting up a tent. This designated

tent platforms [Archive] - WhiteBlaze Does that mean that each platform has room for one 4 person tent? Or four one person tents? If the site is crowded will people be miffed if I take up a lot of a platform with a solo tent? And if I'm dog tired and can't go any farther at a site where all the platforms are already maxed out, can I pitch my tent on the

Pitching a Winter Tent on Snow - Section Hikers Backpacking Blog If you've finished probing around and think you're on solid ground, the next step is to create a solid level platform to sleep on. You can do this by stomping your boots or snowshoes on the place where you want to pitch your tent to pack down the snow. However, a better technique is to dig a shallow platform using an

Wilderness Campsites: pads, platforms and shelters Mar 19, 2010 Along the more popular hiking trails in the Whites and the Greens, there are established, hike-in campsites, usually with tent pads (compacted, flattened ground), tent platforms (raised wooden platforms you can pitch a tent on) and/or lean-to style shelters. In the summer, these places get lots of visitors.

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