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Guidance Sheet - Temporary Traffic Control Zone - ATSSA control for pedestrian movements. When implemented, the following recommendations should improve safety and convenience: ? Inspect pathways regularly, and keep them clear of debris and well-maintained. ? Treat surfaces with non-slip materials for inclement weather. ? Replace walkway surfaces with holes, cracks,

Checklist for Accommodating Pedestrians in Temporary Traffic Project Title: Development of Guidelines for Handling Pedestrians in Temporary Traffic Control Areas Construction In-Field Review and slip resistant? The sidewalk surface treatment can have an impact on the overall accessibility and comfort level of the facility. According to the. AASHTO Ped Guide, the preferred

660 1 PEDESTRIAN CONTROL FOR CLOSURE OF SIDEWALKS Jul 1, 2012 Temporary ramps and temporary crosswalk markings shall be removed with. 10. as holes, debris, mud, construction equipment, stored materials, etc. stable, firm, slip resistant, and kept free of any obstructions and hazards such specified in Index No. 304. Temporary walkway surfaces and ramps shall be.

DDOT Pedestrian Safety and Work Zone Standards - Covered and A traffic control plan for the construction of the covered walkway must also be provided with the application. 2. ADA Compliance: All covered walkways constructed under this section must provide an accessible pedestrian route in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with. Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes

CLOSURE OF SIDEWALKS PEDESTRIAN CONTROL FOR CROSS HERE. SIDEWALK. CLOSED. SIDEWALK. CLOSED. Required Locations For Either Temporary. Or Permanent Curb Ramps. Temporary. Crosswalk from the bottom of sign to the sidewalk. 7. When construction activities involve sidewalks on both sides of the street, efforts should be made to stage the construction.

construction risk insight slips and trips - Zurich Under CDM, all those controlling site work have. 'general' health and safety responsibilities and these extend to preventing slips and trips (see CDM, Part 2). In practical terms, this may involve: ? planning, managing and monitoring the safe storage of materials or provision of suitable walkways during the construction work.

10_APWA_ADA_final.pptx - Silicon Valley Temporary Traffic Control (TTC); Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA); Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) When an existing continuous sidewalk or street crossing route cannot be maintained for pedestrians because of construction, either temporary walkways with curb ramps are to

Temporary Pedestrian Facilities Handbook-June 2014 - Caltrans Introduction. Caltrans maintains safe and convenient access for users of its roads, highways, and facilities. The needs and control of road users are an essential part of highway construction, utility work, maintenance operations, and management of traffic incidents through use of temporary traffic control zones. Caltrans.

Too many construction sites close sidewalks without walkway Apr 12, 2012 It needs to be a priority in the traffic management and permitting process. Where sidewalk space is tight, DDOT should show leadership and use road space to create temporary walkways. Pedestrians should not have to bear the sole inconvenience of the construction. Sometimes it means closing a lane of

of PEDESTRIAN CONTROL FOR CLOSURE OF SIDEWALKS 1 1 660 Jul 1, 2015 Remove temporary walkways immediately after reopening of the sidewalk, unless. 10. construction equipment and stored materials. kept free of any obstructions and hazards such as holes, debris, mud,. 9. Temporary walkway surfaces and ramps must be stable, firm, slip resistant, and walkways. Provide a

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