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Second-Story Balconies - Fine Homebuilding May 16, 2013 A balcony not cantilevered will likely have a ledger similar to a deck. Best practice is to space the ledger away from the sheathing to allow for drainage and to flash diligently to keep moisture from penetrating the house. The far end of the balcony could be supported by posts that bear on footings, but a more

Planning advice: how to add a balcony to your home without Jun 7, 2016 Planning advice: we want to turn a cowshed into a home. The extent to which you overlook your neighbours will also be important — but you can usually reduce the impact by adding obscured glazing or some form of permanently fixed balcony screening to ensure that next door's privacy is maintained.

What is the approximate cost of putting in about a 10' x 14' wood We want to put a wood balcony/deck on the 2nd floor of the back of our house, replacing an existing large window with French doors to go out to the deck. There is an existing wood patio cover with posts down to a concrete patio below in this location. Can supports be added and a deck be built on top of

Should I let my upstairs neighbor build a balcony above my balcony? May 4, 2015 Our HOA bylaws don't specifically prohibit adding a balcony as long as the HOA approves the changes. . But, I agree, buy a house with a balcony if you want one that bad. A collective-living project in Sweden offers the privacy of a home and the benefits of family life, including home-cooked dinners.

13 ideas for adding a balcony to your fa?ade - Homify May 27, 2017 All houses have internal and external spaces, and each of them fulfils a function. However, there are also some intermediate spaces that allow us to appreciate the outdoors when we are inside and enjoy a 360-degree view of the surroundings. This is the balcony – the favourite of every grandmother.

Adding a Balcony to Your Home Rated People Blog The balcony is the must-have accessory for high-rise living, maisonettes and anything higher than a bungalow. Properties with balconies demand a premium and many of us are now looking at the possibility of adding a balcony to our houses, flats or studios. That way we can enjoy the view, let the air in and have a feeling

Stylish balcony ideas and how to retrofit a roof - House Beautiful Aug 13, 2015 Create more outdoor space with these beautiful roof terrace and balcony ideas.

Second Story Balcony Additions - Modernize Everything you need to know about adding a second story balcony, from the cost to the pros and cons and overall maintenance required.

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