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Record-level lumber prices expected in 2018: Wood Markets report Dec 19, 2017 From this, Wood Markets has overlaid a cross-Canada timber supply availability map with delivered log and sawmill costs to determine which producing regions (and mills) are most impacted by 20.23 per cent (“all-others”) import duties. While the timing of supply and demand forces is always unpredictable,

Wood Products Market Predictions for 2018 look good, providing a Jan 15, 2018 Inventory levels going 2018 are also very low and panel consumption is up 7%, which is also bullish for product pricing in 2018. Canadian forest fires and hurricanes in the US in 2017 provide a good example of how lean inventories can lead to dramatic price increases. While the immediate demand

North American Lumber Industry Starts 2018 in High Gear Jan 19, 2018 Demand, especially from retailers, continues to be so strong that many North American sawmills are actually able to grow their order files. As Madison's anticipated at the end of 2017, the North American lumber market is back in high gear as customers in Canada and the US keep up with high demand.

More Record-Level Lumber Prices Expected In 2018 From U.S. Dec 18, 2017 The WOOD MARKETS 2018 Outlook Report predicts more chaos and the chance of further record-breaking prices. Canada, “by restricting incremental Canadian lumber exports via import duties, there may not appear to be enough lumber supplies to adequately balance with projected U.S. demand.

Agriculture and timber 2018 outlook: Organic growth News IPE RA Dec 22, 2017 The natural resources sector has been a significant beneficiary of this trend, with agriculture and timber receiving particular attention, he said, adding that “we have seen demand increase for these asset classes in 2017 and expect that trend to continue in 2018. “This comes from a variety of geographies

Tree Farmer Bulletin: Future Looks Bright for Timber While the whole economy was in a long recession, the timber industry “went into a depression,” says Lynn Michaelis, president of consulting firm Strategic Economic Analysis and former chief economist for Weyerhaeuser. The numbers back up that view. Housing starts are the main driver of demand for wood in the United

North American Timber Forecast - RISI - Objective Insight. Better The forecast provides a comprehensive assessment and long-term outlook for North American timber markets. It covers key concepts like supply, demand, imports/exports and prices.

2018 Lumber Outlook Wood Business - Canadian Forest Industries Jan 3, 2018 Jan. 3, 2018 - After the currency-driven global lumber price slump in 2015, market demand and prices both started to improve in 2016. While overall global demand improved modestly in 2017 – at only half the rate of 2016 – it has been supply disruptions and changing dynamics that created a wild and

China's timber and forest products imports expected to increase by In total, the timber content in China's primary forest products imports in 2014 was equal to about 10 percent of the global production of industrial roundwood. Slower economic growth in China has reduced demand for imports of almost every commodity over the last two years. However, RISI analysts expect China's already

10 Predictions for Global Wood Consuming Industries in 2018 Jan 16, 2018 Damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the US South added new demand for sawtimber to (slowly) strengthening housing starts numbers and a tight housing market, which drive pine sawtimber harvests. Even with 1 billion board feet (BBF) of new production coming on line, sawtimber growth will still

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