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Skin anti-aging strategies - NCBI - NIH Retinol is, at the moment, the substance that is most often used as an anti-aging compound and, compared with tretinoin, causes less skin irritation., It has been shown that retinol has positive effects not only on extrinsic but also on intrinsic skin aging and has a strong positive effect on collagen metabolism., Tretinoin,

17 anti-aging products dermatologists actually use - Today Show Apr 17, 2017 Here's a sneak a peek inside the medicine cabinets of the country's top dermatologists for the best anti-aging products you can buy now!

3 Foods for Youthful Skin: Anti-Aging from Inside, Out - SpaFinder Feb 11, 2016 Let's face it, the age-old "you are what you eat" adage is true: Check out these anti-aging tips.

The Secrets to Anti-Aging from the Inside Out Dermatology Mar 15, 2017 As we progress through life, our bodies gradually become less efficient at dealing with the factors that negatively impact our health and appearance. Fundamental components such as collagen, elastin, and muscle tissue begin to deteriorate over time, causing our skin to become lax, wrinkled, fatigued, and

The Ever-Changing Business of 'Anti-Aging' - The New York Times Sep 12, 2017 Allure calls her “the hero we need” as the magazine enlists the beauty industry in its new pet cause: “the end of anti-aging.” Inside, the editor Michelle Lee resolves to stop using the term “anti-aging” in her pages going forward, opting instead for a “celebration of growing into your own skin — wrinkles and all

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