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Green Benefits of Vinyl Siding - Ply Gem Although PVC trim looks and fastens like wood, but won't absorb moisture or insect damage like wood does. With today's trim options, even the most discerning homeowners will find there's no need to compromise beauty to get low-maintenance curb appeal. Vinyl siding stands up to the weather. If you're comparing a piece

Natural-Looking Wood Composite: Go Green; Stay Green Apr 18, 2017 Quality composite wood-grained products are fabricated using recycled plastics and wood fibers. Each year, companies like NewTechWood reclaim tons of high-density recycled plastics and wood fibers to create planking, home siding, floor tiles, even eye-catching planters without harming a single tree.

Green Siding Options Green Siding Buyers Guide HouseLogic Insulated vinyl is similar to traditional vinyl siding, except it includes a layer of EPS foam insulation. Image: Progressive Sustainability: Extremely durable and long-lasting, this flexible, plastic material is recyclable. Energy efficiency: They're pressed in molds to create panels resembling real wood lap siding and shingles.

8 Green Siding Options Compared: Most Eco-Friendly Siding? More and more, homeowners are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly siding options for their homes. However, choosing While wood siding might seem like the obvious choice, in practice it is not always the case. This is much like the debate over whether or not to request paper bags or plastic bags at the grocery store.

Cedar Shakes Vinyl Shake Siding HouseLogic The one thing that Hirsch did worry about is whether vinyl shakes would look like real wood siding, or if new neighbors would sniff at her “plastic house.” She could have chillaxed. Today's vinyl siding has loads of personality, because fake shake manufacturers transfer the grain and texture of real cedar boards onto the vinyl

7 Major Problems with Vinyl Siding - Allura Fiber Cement Feb 1, 2017 For many homeowners, vinyl siding can therefore look like an attractive and low maintenance alternative to wood siding. While it's true that vinyl siding has come a long way from when it was first introduced, coming a range of different colors and styles, the fact remains that it is still a plastic product, and

The Seven Deadly Sins of Vinyl House Siding - The Spruce Feb 17, 2017 Vinyl siding is primarily composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and the manufacturing process produces greenhouse gases such as nitrogen oxide, as well as However, depending on your climate, siding could look worse-for-the-wear at around 10 to 15 years. Vinyl Siding Does Not Get Recycled.

Engineered Exterior Trim - HomeAdvisor Pro Wood composite, plastic, and fiber-cement trim products promise to hold paint better than solid wood. More and more to solid wood. Some builders may be looking for a lower-cost alternative to clear cedar or redwood. Others Fiber-cement trim, like this James Hardie product, can be used with almost any type of siding.

Most Eco-Friendly Siding? Popular Green Siding Options Are you a responsible citizen concerned with the environment and looking for green & eco-friendly siding? Choosing the best sustainable siding is not always clear cut and dry to say the least. While at face value a material like wood siding would seem to be the most green, in reality it may not always be the case.

Wood Siding - ISU Extension Store - Iowa State University shingles or shakes, bricks or stone, alumi-num or vinyl, or combinations of sidings. If you are re-siding, you can go from painted siding to stained, from wood to brick, from stucco to steel. Siding can do more for the exterior surface of your house than any other home improvement. It is an important part of how your home looks,

True Faux This Old House Faux Wood Siding. Photo by William A. Boyd, Jr. Looks Like Wood Siding But It's Really Sand, Cement, And Wood Fiber Fiber-cement won't rot, warp, or burn, and paint sticks for decades. Stands up These rubber shakes — a blend of recycled tires, plastics, hemp, and flax — shrug off hail, rot, and people walking on them.

RusticSeries - Siding That Looks Like Wood - Two Tone Siding Two-tone siding that looks like wood. Lap, shakes, panels and trim, Fiber cement siding, we've got it all!

Siding - Make It RightMake It Right Oct 15, 2012 Make It Right has used metal siding on a few of our houses; but, on most homes, metal siding is cost-prohibitive. Cement Fiberboard – Cement fiberboard siding is made from cement, sand and recycled content. This popular siding option is durable, can be painted to look like wood and resistant to rot and

WOOD COMPOSITE SIDING - - Cornerstone Exteriors Siding is the one thing that can decide the overall look for your entire home and is a decision that you will likely have to live with for many years to come. Since a majority of the wood that is used in composite wood siding is recycled as is the plastic polymers, you can feel good about your siding choice when you choose

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