replacing wood slat on iron garden bench

How-to-Refurbish-a-Garden-Bench- - eBay Restoring Metal. Many garden benches are made of metal or feature metal sides. Metal is usually easier to strip and restore than wood because there are fewer steps. Most, if not all required products are available on eBay where sellers offer everything from replacement wood slats to full restoration and stripping kits and

How to restore a garden bench Real Homes Jun 27, 2012 Wood and metal benches, especially vintage or antique ones, require regular maintenance. This Edwardian cast iron and wood garden bench had been ignored for far too long. Sitting in Replace rotten wooden slats: Using reclaimed wood to make new slats is the greenest option. Source wood at

DIY - How to Restore a Cast Iron and Wood Garden Bench May 24, 2011 Disassemble the entire garden bench. It will make the project much to complete. Plan on replacing the hardware- screws and washers, nuts etc. they will be rusty, and new hardware is better here. After the bench is taken apart, sort and place the wooden slats on a table and sand them. Use an electric belt

Restoring a Garden Bench – WoodBin Jul 8, 2014 I opted for a renovation once I determined that the cast iron framework of the bench was in good condition and it really just needed a cleaning and slat solid wood, I realized: 1) it was unlikely that I would maintain the wood (based on prior experience with the bench) and 2) I didn't want to replace the wood

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