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Taxonomic novelties and new records of - MycoKeys Jul 10, 2017 lichens and lichenicolous fungi are reported as new to Finland, Norway and/or Sweden: Absconditella ligni- cola (Norway), Bacidia . rock wall in a forest dominated by birch and aspen, 65.0448°N 11.5696°E, alt. 40 m, .. For a long time, Dirina fallax was treated as a synonym of D. massiliensis. Mo-.

Fungal diseases in forest nurseries in Finland - Semantic Scholar Fungal Diseases in Forest Nurseries in Finland. Arja Lilja, Marja Poteri, Raija-Liisa Pet?ist?, Risto Rikala, Timo Kurkela and Risto Kasanen. Lilja, A., Poteri, M., Pet?ist?, R.-L., Rikala, R., short-day (SD) treatment, that is necessary for summer and autumn plantings and a beneficial infection (Wall and Magasi 1976).

Otto Miettinen PhD, Curator University of Helsinki, Helsinki HY Temporal transcriptome analysis of the white-rot fungus Obba rivulosa shows expression of a constitutive set of plant cell wall degradation targeted genes during growth on solid The species was collected in central Finland from Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris stumps, where it grew on undersides of stumps and roots.

Bioremediation of TNT contaminated soil with fungi Kari Steffen. 1. 1Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. 2Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, Aalto University, Finland. Corresponding author: marja.tuomelahelsinki.fi. Fungal treatment methods could provide new sustainable ways to treat soil contaminated

Herbivores cause a rapid increase in hereditary symbiosis - PNAS Aug 30, 2005 fungal endophytes can increase the competitive ability, drought tolerance, and herbivore resistance of their host, . In Finland, endophyte-infection frequency averaged 98% in 13 of 15 sampled . assigned), with a fence treatment plus supplemental vole (Microtus spp.) removal to reduce mammals or an

Translucent finishes alongside opaque paints - Teknos Surface treatments improve the durability and appearance of timber surfaces, and also help a building to blend into its environment. . Teknos' extensive range of woodworking industry products includes opaque and translucent solutions for all timber structures from eaves, fences and decking to doors, walls and windows.

Active substance names and standard terms - Fimea The list of valid monographies lists all monographies followed in Finland. The monograph names are listed in English, Latin, Finnish and Swedish. The names of homeopathic products are collected into a separate list at the end of the list of monograph names. The names of homeopathic products are listed in English, Latin,

Mould and blue stain on heat treated wood - VTT Virtual project pages with coatings, which are used on exterior cladding, joinery and fences in Finland. Performance of the Moisture content of heat treated wood has been found to be in a lower level compared to not heat treated The susceptibility of heat treated wood to mould fungi was tested in a chamber at 100 % RH and 20o C.

Preasure Treated Timber - ShoWood.gr, Outdoor Products Vacuum pressure impregnated wood is wood that, through the application of a preservative, is protected for many years against fungi and insects. Impregnated timber is used for: electricity and telephone poles railway sleepers, crossings and bridge timbers industrial cooling towers snow fences landing stages, jetties and

Fungus Clear Ultra Gun - Treat & Protect against Black Spot Convenient and ready to use 1 Litre hand gun sprayer. Fungus Clear Ultra is a 3-in-1 systemic fungicide ideal for Roses, other flowering and Ornamental Plants. Fights existing infections of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. Protects plants against further disease attack, including new growth. For best control of plant

Thermowood - Tunnicliffe's Timber The Vikings (700 -1050) used this method in outdoor structures such as fences. The heat treatment of wood was scientifically studied in Germany and the USA during the 1930's and 40's. Research carried on in Germany in the 1950's through to the 1970's. More recently research work was carried out in Finland, France and

Disturbance and diversity of wood-inhabiting fungi - University of May 7, 2014 wood-inhabiting fungi in six treatments: (i) unharvested control, (ii) control ? fenced to exclude deer, (iii) gap In southern Finland,. Berglund et al. (2011) found that stumps supported a distinct and more species-rich community of wood-inhabiting fungi by substrate volume compared to logs in Norway.

Heat treatment Of wood In Finland Finland- state of the art. Production and classification of heat treated wood in Finland. Tuula Syrj?nen,. Kestopuu Oy. Heat treatment of wood. Better durability without chemicals. Saila J?ms? . furniture, windows, doors and wall or fence boarding. When better also reduce the susceptibility to fungal decay. The improved

Fungal-Mediated Multitrophic Interactions - Do Grass Endophytes in Mar 24, 2010 Least weasels appeared unable to distinguish between excrement odours of voles between the two treatments. Our results suggest that Saikkonen K, Ahlholm J, Helander M, Lehtim?ki S, Niemel?inen O (2000) Endophytic fungi in wild and cultivated grasses in Finland. Ecography 23: 360–366.

FSC Standard for Finland - FSC International - Forest Stewardship Nov 8, 2010 and fungi. An assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland was first published in 2008. It assessed the status 400 habitat types and human .. d) operations around structures important to reindeer herding (fences, separation corrals) Treatments supporting protection objectives are permitted on.

thermowood - Norrskog The heat treatment has many benefits, such as making the wood more resistant to rot and fungi, increasing stability, causing less cracking and providing better insulation. The finished product is great for outdoor use as it with stands tough weather. Common uses are outdoor panel ing, wooden decks, doors, windows, fences

The effect of fungicide treatment on the non-target foliar - Helda May 11, 2012 The effect of fungicide treatment on the non-target foliar mycobiota of. Pinus sylvestris- seedlings in Finnish forest nursery. Master?s thesis. Ninni Klingberg. University of Helsinki. Department of Forest Sciences. Forest Ecology. May 2012

What is MicroPro Treated Lumber? - Osmose Wood Preserved Lumber MicroPro? technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping and general construction uses. MicroPro pressure treated wood is treated with micronized copper preservatives, which help protect against termite damage and fungal decay. MicroPro offers many benefits including

Rehabilitating boreal forest structure and species composition in species composition through logging, dead wood creation and fire in managed Norway spruce (Picea abies) forests in southern Finland. These active restoration treatments, together with long-term inventories of several species groups, are necessary in order to assess the impacts of varying wooden fence, iron fence).

Emerging pathogen risks in forestry - Evira The overall health of the Finnish forests is relatively good. ? In spite of Heterobasidion parviporum, other fungal diseases and insect pests, the overall health of the Finnish forests is good. ? Damage reducing the silvicultural quality of stands was observed in 4,7 million hectares of land in 2011. – 21% of forest land in south.

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