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About Tendo Mokko|天童木工 Wood that tries to take an unwavering stand can be knocked over in a stiff wind. Supple, flexible trees, like the willow, remain standing. They have the “graceful strength” to absorb impact, and this is the secret of formed plywood, although it doesn't start out that way. When plywood is made, all material that might split or break

Wicker - Wikipedia Wicker is a kind of furniture woven from any one of a variety of cane-like materials, including rattan, willow, reed and bamboo. As such, it is not an actual material, but a technique. The word wicker is believed to be of Scandinavian origin: vika which means to bend in Swedish, and vikker meaning willow. Wicker is

SOZAI — MATERIAL EDITIONS We provide Japanese Material. for Architects Our selection is based on products highlighting the expertise of our suppliers and their wealth of crafts, from everyday life, intelligence and experience Japanese while reinterpreting them in a contemporary style. All Bamboo Ceramic Fabric Paper Steel Wood Lacquer Tatami.

Maruhon, Wood Building Materials Corporate Information - who is Maruhon is a medium-sized Japanese building products importer/wholesaler. We import lumber and finished wood products directly from over 25 countries and are always eager to develop new suppliers and products. We stock nearly 100 species/products combinations (for example, over a dozen different Pine species in

Yamashita-Kogei Inc.|TAKEBITO We offer high quality wooden cutlery, unique pottery and tableware made of natural wood, bamboo, and other organic materials and components. We are the largest wholesale distributor in southwestern part of Japan, selling eco-friendly organic products, which are made out of bamboo, wood, rattan and other materials.

The History of Wicker and Rattan Furniture - Wicker Warehouse (This is also a favorite fact for rattan fans, especially those concerned about the impact of harvesting material like wood on the environment). This encourages use rattan. It was far more likely to find rattan wicker in ancient China and Japan, for example, thanks to their proximity to where rattan was most prevalent.

Toyooka wicker crafts(Hyogo) - KOGEI JAPAN Kogei Japan - View all information of Toyooka wicker crafts(Hyogo).Kogei Japan is a website that introduces traditional Japanese crafts for everyday use. Kogei Japan will help you discover and understand the beauty that traditional Japanese crafts convey.

Japanese bamboo weaving - Wikipedia Bamboo basketry is often complemented with other materials such as rattan or hemp palm. Basketry of only these materials also exist. Another is tsuruzaiku (つる細工), the craft of vine weaving, which is popular in many parts of the northern Tōhoku region where bamboo is more scarce, specifically the weaving of akebia

China Japan Style Natural Material Willow Wicker Funeral Caskets All our wicker/willow coffins are hand crafted from natural materials. Glue and metal fixings are not used in our coffins, ensuring they are 100% biodegradable. Elements included as standard: A Wooden name plate base. Strong plywood or solid pinewood base. Removable cotton liner,cover and pillow.

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