use sleepers as a decking base

Can I Use Railway Sleepers to Build a Garden Deck? Lawsons It's possible to build a decking area using railway sleepers for the surface itself, but you will come up against a number of challenges. Securing the railway sleepers in place and keeping them flat may be difficult (especially if you have made a concrete foundation for the decking area). Used sleepers have also not been

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio Family Handyman You can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it. To prevent water from seeping down along the foundation, we caulked the gap between the patio and the house. At the But they're 2-3/4 in. long; that's too long to sink into our decking if we use sleepers only.

Decking projects with Railway sleepers Do you want to make a deck out of railway sleepers, but unsure how ? Check out a few of these imaginative and inventive decking projects using railway sleepers. So, to all of you enjoying these pages, with dreams and schemes in your head, let's see what railway sleeper decking projects YOU finally plan, and what YOU

How To Build A Floating Deck - YouTube May 12, 2013 example of how to install a floating deck onto an unlevel concrete patio.

How to build decking with raised sleeper beds in your back garden Jul 30, 2009 grainne and kevins back garden in douglas cork city ireland. as you can see there was; decking, new plant beds, new lawn roll, mediteranian plant scheme, ear

Deck Installation Tips: Installing Decking Over Sleepers Jul 10, 2013 Proper fastening of decking material to the sleeper. Proper material specification for decking material. Adequate and properly designed Cumaru decking over concrete using recycled plastic lumber sleepers drainage means that the concrete slab (or roof structure) is designed to shed water in the direction

Laying a wood deck on a wavy slab - Fine Homebuilding Jan 1, 1995 Mark these spots because they'll be important when it's time to scribe the sleepers. Then use a builders level or a spirit level and a straightedge to figure out the difference between the high and low elevations. You'll need to know this difference to know how wide to open the compass when you scribe the

How to build a deck We show you in a number of easy steps how to build a wooden deck or patio. You can make this using paving stones, a concrete base or a bed of gravel. Patio on sleepers. You can also make a patio out of hardwood and sleepers. Good choices of wood are FSC certified Bankirai hardwood or impregnated Central

What Are Sleepers When Installing a Deck? Hunker Nov 11, 2011 Building a deck from wood requires special considerations due to the effect that moisture has on the material. One way that builders have designed to mitigate the spread of rot involves laying extra pieces of wood called sleepers. Sleepers help homeowners build decks with less effort and in tight spaces

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