cleaning teak decks

Teak Deck Care When sanding, sand with the grain and do not use an oscillating type of sander, as it will tear the material loose. Now treat your seams right. Do not clean the deck with two part liquids and do not coat your teak with fancy teak treatments that may attack the caulking. Products that could be used are: LIFE-Calk; LIFE-Calk

The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner Mar 1, 2016 To keep your deck clean there is only one way, and that is a gentle wash with nothing more violent than a light detergent and a large sponge or very soft brush. If you do this regularly you will not wear down the teak, but you will wash off the dirt before it gets ingrained. Dirt contributes to the wear of a teak

How to best clean a Teak Deck - YouTube Dec 28, 2011 While the greying of teak is not only natural but the fantastic way of teak actually protecting itself, all the dirt from the cities, in the air, coming down

Cleaning Teak Decks without Chemicals (Corrected Audio) - YouTube Jan 31, 2016 This video shows how to clean your teak decks without using expensive cleaners and 2 step teak systems that use chemicals and if your not careful can damage

KNOW-HOW - 10 tips for cleaning teak decks - Soundings Online Apr 29, 2005 I'll never really understand the allure of teak decks. It's true they give good footing if they aren't varnished and wet, but there are other solutions for.

How to Clean Teak - TeakDecking Systems - Jamestown Distributors A major portion of TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS business is replacing existing teak decks that have been worn out through improper maintenance. Amazingly, many of these decks were destroyed not through neglect, but because their owners cleaned them too often and too thoroughly. Overuse, or improper use, of two part

The Care and Feeding of Teak Decks - Apr 16, 2014 It may feel as though these are quick routes to a clean deck, but this is also a quick route to a big boatyard bill that in many cases will amount to a significant proportion of the total value of the boat. If you really want a virgin teak look for special occasions, make sure you let the teak cleaner (which contains

How to: Clean your teak decks - Motor Boat & Yachting Apr 7, 2016 In the first of our 12-part maintenance series, Nick Burnham guides you through the best techniques to clean your teak decks.

Basic Teak Deck Cleaning and Care - East Coast Yacht Sales Dec 6, 2014 I am often asked; “Aren't teak decks a lot of work?” (Bill Full here) The simple truth is and the right answer is NO! The tendency is for people to “over maintain” teak decks, scrubbing them frequently, using 2 part teak brighteners etc. that cause notable wear to the wood. Two part cleaners are also hard on the

How to clean teak decks KKMI - Aug 5, 2016 The reason is, oils tend to act like a magnet for dirt and will increase the frequency for more aggressive teak cleaning down the road. Similarly, teak sealers rarely degrade uniformly and once there's an area that needs to be renewed, it's hard to have the deck look nice without stripping the all of the surfaces

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