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Sustainable Deck Materials Homes Green Living But how can my deck sustain sustainably? Wood naturally wants to rot when cleaved from its roots and milled to a svelte six-inch deck board. Yes, we've found ways to seal wood and stave off rot, but most of these have harmful environmental effects – helping to sustain the deck but doing so unsustainably. We've even

8 Design Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home - Coastal Living Eco-chic Idea #8. Move bedrooms to the lower level. The living space and roof deck clear the canopy of trees, while the sleeping areas are shaded by the leaves and feel more private. With mature trees so close to the house, the bedrooms also don't need curtains.

ecokit: the sustainable DIY kit house ecokit Ecokit is affordable, versatile, easy to assemble, zero energy DIY kit house, with minimal operating costs and positive environmental impact.

Pool, deck, eco-friendly: This is the typical Australian home - Mashable Nov 20, 2014 The Australian environment is reflected in the way we use outdoor space. From glamorous pools to entertaining decks, the pride and joy of any house is the outdoor element where you can laze away all year round. Famous for our good weather and long, hot summers it isn't surprising Aussies prioritise the

Deck Services Summit Environmental Solutions Summit Summit offers high-quality deck services, building all kinds of Decks. From attached to wood summit has you covered.

11 Eco-Friendly Homes Living In The Future - The Good Trade Our homes are more than just steel and wood. They represent a place of belonging, a place where we rest, gather and make memories. We've recently spent more time thinking about our home, and how it can reflect our values. We want a home that allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and live more simply, while

Ask EWG: Arsenic on my new house's deck? EWG Aug 15, 2007 Question: My husband and I are thinking of buying this great old house with a big back deck, but I remember reading something about how wood used on decks can be dangerous. We've got a two year old. Should I be worried?

3 Ways to Create an Eco Friendly House - wikiHow Three Methods:Taking Small Eco-Friendly StepsMaking Your House Eco-FriendlyBuilding and Renovating for Eco-Friendly HomesCommunity Q&A. Green, sustainable, energy-efficientthere are so many ways to say “eco-friendly” that it can feel overwhelming to consider making some environmentally friendly changes.

Luxury and Green: 8 Eco-Friendly Homes That Embody the Earth Apr 21, 2017 In honor of Earth Day, check out the eight eco-friendly homes that also fulfill your luxury desires. JESS REID REAL ESTATE. April 22 is the 47th annual celebration of Earth Day, when people worldwide raise awareness for preserving the environment. Many within the real estate industry have joined the

Best Wood Stain Buying Guide - Consumer Reports Jan 30, 2017 Some may even be carcinogenic. Top stains from our tests meet these environmental standards and still looked good after the equivalent of up to three years on a deck. Arsenic and Old Decks Before 2004 most decks were made of lumber pressure-treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) to fend off

Simmering Science: Can Your House's Color Reduce Your Summer Jul 26, 2012 Latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space. Get your science news from the most trusted source!

How to Customize Your Perfect Backyard Deck Amerhart Just relaxing? relaxing on backyard deck. This Old House recommends creating a zone for lounge chairs and a low table or two in a sunny (or shady) spot. If local codes allow it, a fire pit makes chilly nights more cozy and adds to your deck's ambience.

Finding the Right Design for Your Backyard Deck This Old House You can create a simple, one–level deck where family members can sit and take in nature's many benefits, or go the other direction and build an exotic outdoor environment, one that includes an outdoor kitchen with grill, granite bar, refrigerator, and outdoor stereo system. The only real limits are your budget, your

Building material preferences with a focus on wood in urban housing Jul 29, 2015 Building material preferences with a focus on wood in urban housing: durability and environmental impacts The best target for wood-based urban housing includes younger people who have strong environmental values. Product attributes affecting consumer preference for residential deck materials.

Decks and Porches Because they are exposed to the weather, decks and porches will not be as durable as the rest of the house unless weather-resistant materials and installation .. While plastic lumber is not a typical substitute for wood, it has at least two environmental advantages over treated lumber: It's nontoxic; and it can be made from

Where did your house grow? - SUNY ESF Add the plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) that covers the frame, the exterior siding, trusses, doors, trim, flooring, deck, cabinets and countertops, and it is clear that much of your house is made of wood, even if the builders used a lot of other materials like metal, concrete, and plastic. Where did all that wood come from

Sustainability - Acorn Deck House While this may be a relatively new concept for many homeowners and builders, Acorn Deck House Company brand homes have, in fact, been environmentally conscientious since 1974, when we were With these roots, we pride ourselves by taking all environmental factors into consideration when designing your home.

Small Green Homes - Small Eco Houses - Popular Mechanics Jan 7, 2011 Efficient light bulbs, non-toxic furniture and Energy-Star certified appliances can certainly reduce your family's environmental impact. But as population rises, we have to start paying more attention to the fact that the more dwelling space we provide for each person, the more resources we are going to use.

Considering Adding a Deck to Your Green Home? Proud Green Aug 14, 2015 Find out why composite decks are the smarter, more eco-friendly choice. Today's responsible homeowners are continually looking for ways to make their homes, and their lifestyles, more environmentally friendly, efficient and enjoyable. One cost effective way many homeowners are achieving this is by

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