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QuicKey? Keyed Joints - BoMetals, Inc. QuicKey? from BoMetals is the only galvanized joint system that features knockouts for square dowels, providing better load transfer over round dowels and reduce edge curl on the slab.

Joints in poured walls - Concrete Construction sion joints. Contraction joints. Wall contraction joints often are made by fastening projecting strips inside forms to create narro w g rooves in the concrete (Figure 1). . Keyway con-. s t ruction is more difficult where re-. i n f o rcement continues through the joint. Keyways can contribute to spalling of the joint and interfere.

Types of joints, how to form them and where to put them - Concrete c o l u m n s, walls, footings and other points of re s t ra i n t such as machine foundations and stairwe l l s. No connec- tion should be made across an isolation joint either by re i n f o rcement, keyways or bond. C o n t rol joints ( f requently called contraction joints) al- l ow movement only in the plane of the floor and contro l.

plastic joint materials - WR Meadows KEYWAY is lightweight, flexible, and an easy way to mold a keyed tongue and groove construction joint. KEYWAY resists impact and will not whip or warp. It strips quickly and can be reused or left in place. DECK-O-JOINT. PVC Expansion Joint. DECK-O-JOINT is a decorative expansion joint for use wherever concrete is

Typical Retaining Wall Details Package - City of Alexandria, VA Source: Fairfax County, Typical Retaining Wall Details. CITY OF ALEXANDRIA. Office of Building & Fire Code Administration. 301 King Street, Room 4200. Alexandria, Virginia 22314. Typical Retaining Wall Details Package. Based on the 2006 Virginia Construction Code. CONTENTS. Timber Retaining Wall .

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