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Raised Floor System: Floating Floor and Raised Floors - Fiandre Raised and Floating Floor System: Raised Flooring for Exteriors and Floating Floor Installation for offices. Custom-made Flooring for working areas.

raised flooring companies - Europages 8 products Find and request a quote for raised flooring from companies that specialise in the field of: 'raised flooring' Supplier of: Floors, raised raised radiant heat floors Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems Smoke extraction systems - fire protection Heating, domestic ITALY - Gravina In Puglia.

Raised Flooring with Supports Installation - 20 mm Thick Tiles Raised Flooring with Supports. In any situation where you need a floor that can easily be taken up for inspection purposes, the raised installation of OUT 2.0 on polypropylene supports is an excellent solution. This type of tiling is known as a “dry” solution as there is no need for adhesives or grout, making for a surface that is

High performance floating and raised access floor Made in Italy Nesite For over 50 years, Nesite has been manufacturing, supplying and installing raised access floors aimed at a wide range of applications in both commercial and industrial buildings.

Raised Indoor Floor - Kronos Tecnica - Floor coverings in porcelain Raised indoor floor Raised floors resting on metal structures and consisting of removable modules give the designer absolute freedom in installing systems.

Project Division - Raised floors - Marca Corona Italy Marca Corona is a partner of reference for the planning, production and installation of raised floors, evolved technical solutions that are flexible and reliable and perfect for commercial and industrial building. Thanks to their technical and aesthetic features, Marca Corona raised floors adapt to any style and project needs.

Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Floors Metalfloor Ltd With more than 25 years experience to call upon, Metalfloor specialises in the supply only of high-quality raised access flooring solutions to the office fit-out and construction industry.

CBI Europe - raised access floors CBI Europe's Technical Raised Access Floor Systems are made up of modular elements (panels) 600 x 600, resting on a special support structure in steel available in different measurements. The space (technical area) that is created between the panel and the floor (on which the structure rests) is used to accommodate the

Raised flooring Mirage Engineering UK The continual increase in technological and design equipment in workplaces (electrical, telephone and IT networks, heating systems and air conditioning systems) and research into optimising operativity and the wellbeing of workers has led to a growing trend in raised flooring; above and beyond arranging and moving

Crespi - Systems of the Raised Access Floors If the request is for standard low-tech, the Chinese, the U.S. and EU markets are able to meet your needs. If the request, on the contrary, is high class/tech products and technologies your sole and exclusive provider of trust should be CRESPI. CRESPI Raised Access Floor Systems are not for everyone. Our floors are not

Topfloor - Raised access floors - Rome (Italy) Tecnologically advanced and reliable, available in various versions and with every type of coverings, Topfloor raised access floor is the ideal solution to any problem of flexibility of the operative space in every environment. Versione Italiana · English version · home · company · headquarter · products · portfolio · Contact us

Floor - Newfloor A combination of many materials of various nature assembled in a single panel, the floating element of the entire system which, rested on steel supports, creates the system that raised the floor off the traditional flooring to a higher height, creating a gap under the surface where technical building systems can be installed:

Italgraniti Group - RAISED FLOORS RAISED FLOORS. The Italgraniti raised floor is a flooring system consisting of modular elements resting on but not fixed to a supporting structure. This type of floor allows the creation of a cavity that can be used for wiring and other utility systems underneath the surface. In association with major Technical Partners, Italgraniti

Raised Floors Marazzi Raised flooring is a system of modular elements designed for the indoor and outdoor floors of a building. This very effective technology makes it possible to create a continuous technical space underneath the surface of the floor to accommodate all the various types of cabling: electrics, plumbing, telephone and data

Petral - raised floor system PETRAL raised floor is a raised floor system also known as raised access flooring or false floor,producted in ex Intec factory ,it is made in Italy and it is a system composed of modular panels placed on special supports adjustable in height. This system allows for the creation, underneath the floor, of a plenum that can be

Raised floors - Caesar ceramics Raised Floors. Offices, banks, data processing centres need constant enhancement and updating of technological equipment: from electrical circuits, telephone and computer networks to heating and air-conditioning systems. To facilitate such instances, Caesar recommends using raised floors, floors where the foot plan

RAISED TECHNICAL FLOOR SYSTEMS Decor Floor – ROMANIA The use of access floors in the workplace is rapidly gaining popularity since they present a solution that is specifically designed to support information-rich and highly computerised business environments. JVP is a long established Italian company, able to apply at its best the innovative “Made in Italy” feeling. Founded in

Raised Floors - Lea Ceramiche New headquarters of Casa Milan. Location: Milan - Italy. 4. 5. 4. 5. Page 5. SLIMTECH by Lea Ceramiche > Raised Floors. 6. 7. 6. 7. RAISED FLOORING SLIMTECH The performances of a raised floor system are defined by the Standard UNI EN 12825:2003. The following are the main features of a finished floor 20cm

Raised floors - Ariostea The raised floor is a flooring system designed to solve problems related to the growing presence of technical systems in offi ces and work places in general. With this system, the walkover surface is raised off the floor, creating a technical hollow area for housing supply piping (electrical, heating/air conditioning), transmission

Company JVP, originally named Joint Venture Production, is a long established Italian company, able to apply at its best the innovative "Made in Italy" feeling. Founded in the 1998 in Piove di Sacco, between Padova and Venice, as a direct result of the region containing a local skilled raised access flooring workforce, linked together

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