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Pavilions - Fontana Outdoors or a wood deck. Our decorative post trim covers all the connections for a clean appearance. The arched headers add charisma and are designed to support heavy roof loads, and resist high winds. The headers are trimmed with our decorative dental molding and feature a 12" roof overhang. The ceiling is made of beautiful

Avery Pavilion - Yardistry The Avery Pavilion adds character to any area, creating the perfect setting for all of your outdoor entertainment needs. The stunning design features Box 1: 93 ?” L x 43 ?” W x 4 ?” H = 200 LBS Box 2: 93 ?” L x 22” W x 8” .. We bought two of the Avery Pavillions to install side by side on our wood deck. Do you have any

Wooden Gazebo Kits and Pavillion Kits - OutsideModern Feb 9, 2017 Many people find that their back yard doesn't have the outdoor living space they need. They have a patio, or a deck, but the experiences these places offer aren't complete. Back in that unused section of lawn over there, or perhaps situated on the hill overlooking the sunset, a lovely gazebo or pavilion may

Patio Pavilion Kits: Custom Wood Patio Pavilions for Sale Hand-crafted Patio Pavilion Kits available in custom sizes, shapes, and wood grades. Patio Pavilion (Options: 14' Diameter, No Deck, Redwood, With Upper; Patio Pavilion (Options: 14' Diameter, Add a Deck, Mature Redwood,; Patio Pavilion (Options: 14' Diameter, Add a Deck, Redwood, With; Patio Pavilion (Options: 8'

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