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Roof Decks on Flat Roofs: Benefits and Considerations - RoofSlope Jul 26, 2016 Do you dream of having a large deck and have a flat roof? Consider roof decks on flat roofs. See the advantages, along with considerations and warnings.

Installing a Roof Over Your Deck - Mr. Handyman Jul 9, 2012 The best time to build a roof over your deck is during the building of the deck itself. Larger footings - and in the case of certain types of roofs, additional footings - also are required for a roofed deck. This significantly sloped roof allows for proper drainage of rain and snow, as opposed to a flat roof.

How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A RezWood 40. How 2 Build A Flat Roof Over An Existing Wooden Deck On A Mobile Home. I am wanting to put a flat roof over an existing wood deck on my Dad's mobile home. Not sure on the best and cheapest way to do this. Also want it to last and be durable all year around. Anyone with advice on how to go about doing

Decks.com. Building a shed roof over a deck Always try to match the house roof pitch angle and overhang for your shed roof. Some shed roofs are designed to be nearly flat. Flat roofs are more susceptible to leaking than pitched roofs. Shed roofs project as a single plane roof pitched away from the house. If you are tying the roof directly to a house wall you can install a

Flat Roof Decks - The Flat Roof of the Fourth Kind - Duradek Flat Roof Decks – The Flat Roof of the Fourth Kind. We recently came across an article on This Old House's website titled, “The 4 Kinds of Flat Roofs”. The author, Max Alexander, did an excellent job of translating the complexity of roofing systems into a concise, easy to digest comparison. He looked at: Built-Up Flat Roofs

Flat Roof Deck Houzz Browse 266 photos of Flat Roof Deck. Find ideas and inspiration for Flat Roof Deck to add to your own home.

How to Design a 14x16 Over-the-Deck Roof Hunker Jan 18, 2011 Create a roof shape. Should it be a peaked roof that butts against the existing roof of the house? Should it be a flat roof? Go over materials needed and labor costs involved, if you're on a budget. Define how many pieces of lumber will frame the 14-by-16-foot space without too much waste. Use ready-made

Building a Flat Roof Right This Old House "If you build and flash one right—and keep it clean—a good flat roof won't leak," says TOH general contractor Tom Silva, who had seven different flat roofs to contend with on the Cambridge project house. He sealed them all with a glue-down EPDM rubber membrane system, a favorite of his because it's light, quick to install,

Build a Roof to Enjoy Your Deck 3 Seasons of the Year - Networx Aug 2, 2015 You can also set up a portable drying rack on your newly covered deck; taking advantage of sunny, breezy days throughout the year to air-dry your laundry will cut your electricity use considerably. Disadvantages. A flat roof on your deck will tend to allow rainwater to collect, leading to leaks and forming the

Flat Roof Decks Dengarden May 12, 2013 Flat roofs with easy access are great for creating an outdoor living space. One issue that many people question me about is how to create a deck that is functional without compromising the waterproof roof surface. The best way is to construct a

Building a Deck Over Living Space - Thomas Buckborough ity, the deck had an irregular shape because it was built to join two octag- onal rooms of the house. We also had to control the water runoff from the house and direct it to a dry well to sat- isfy town conservation regulations. In addition to the deck, the design included another flat roof area, on a second level, that would have a

How to Build Your Own Covered Deck Dengarden Sep 23, 2017 In our case, however, the roof of the garage was only 8' above the deck; to continue the same 4/12 slope of the roof would have resulted in a roof that was only 5' Holes were drilled with a forstner bit just large enough for washers to fit into and that produced a flat surface inside the angled wood for the nut.

How to Build a Flat Roof Deck Cover DoItYourself.com A flat roof deck makes a perfect spot for lounging after a long day of work. While many flat roof decks are not especially large, many people enjoy taking in a sunset, reading a book, or just enjoying some downtime with a loved one. To make their flat roof deck a more enjoyable place to be, many homeowners elect to build a

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