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Thermo- Lite Board? – Trojan Fibreglass Online Why Use Thermo-Lite? Board? No.1 Alternative product to ply-wood and other wood based products. Guaranteed Non-absorbent; Lightweight composite product; High specific strength and toughness. Durable and reliable; High impact strength; Sound and thermal insulation; Resistant to contamination. Does not harbor

Glass Weight Calculator - Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) This calculator allows you to calculate the approximate weight of glass components or configurations based upon the nominal thickness, shape, size, type and consultancy, failure analysis, initial type testing and determination of key performance criteria such as impact resistance and thermal and solar performance.

Thermo-Lite Board? Australia Weight and Density - Marine Trade 45-3-0179. 12.7. 1220x2440. Vinyl. Sanded. 448. 18.4. 6.2. 45-3-0230. 12.7. 1220x2440. Elephant. Sanded. 448. 18.4. 5.7. 45-3-0190. 12.7. 1220x2440. Sanded. Sanded. 448. 15.5. 5.2. 45-3-0134. 12.7. 1510x3580. Elephant. Sanded. 448. 30.8. 5.7. 45-3-0238. 12.7. 1510x3580. Sanded. Sanded. 448. 30.8. 5.7. 45-3-0150.

SpaceAge Tough Series 26 lb. Thermo-Lite Board? - Merritt Supply SpaceAge Synthetics' Thermo-Lite Board? is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass, offering high specific strength and Made with a medium-weight woven fiberglass lay-up, this product is acceptable for standard structural loading applications.

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